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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Let's just talk... Self-Love & Productivity

I really do feel like I have been neglecting my blog recently and not that it's intentional of course! It's just down to the fact I have been so busy working on projects and giving more time to my work work. Although this sounds like I am coming across that I am moaning about this in NO WAY am I, I am FOREVER grateful for the endless opportunities I have been given. The fact I get to do what I love full time and it be my career I can't ever thank enough for!
Just sometimes I get so consumed with creating content for other brands and projects I forget to create content for me and projecting what's going on in my own mind. It can be quite draining creating for others that in some way you feel like you have used it all up and don't have any for yourself. A weird way of thinking maybe?

So whenever work gets a little quiet, I give myself a little break and then I get back to creating my own stuff. It feels so good when I do, sort of like an accomplishment because you really do forget how good it is to express yourself and showcase your creativity without limits.

Though something I have been struggling with recently is productivity, I suppose this is a topic everyone seems to wrestle with. Mine in particular is with, how do you know when is enough? We are always told 'it's okay take your time, baby steps and all' but when do we realise that at some point you're just taking the piss and being damn right lazy? I struggle to find the balance, I either go mad crazy and over do myself that I have zero energy and pretty much fall ill. Or I simply just don't have it in me, the motivation and the want to create anything or do anything. I think productivity and motivation play hand in hand with this. Right now I'm in the 'don't have it in me' phase. It can be quite exhausting getting yourself out of this rut but I feel you just have to pick your damn self up and get on with things, maybe divert your interest to other things you hardly do. Mine is usually art or reading, this really gets me in the mood and really assists with new ideas. This going back to maybe one of the reasons why I have been neglecting my blog and Youtube. Yeah I know I had said I have been busy with work and all but that's just an excuse.. no matter what you can always make time.

Time has always been a weird concept for me, you're probably thinking what on earth is this girl on about?! In all honesty it really has been, I have always been the type of person to just go off how I feel (I mean not practical in this day and age) but that's the type of person I am. So for example when I feel like this certain project needs more of my attention I will give it that amount not in a numerical factor but until I feel I can't do anymore for it. Slightly digressing here but what I am trying to point out here is time I would consider boundless there shouldn't be restrictions on how slow or fast you do things as long as you feel in mind and body, you feel well. This steering to the direction of something else I wanted to discuss which was Self-love.

Self-love is a subject I have always wanted to project and encourage especially in todays time as I feel it is something individuals struggle with. However what does Self-love really mean? I mean is there only one meaning to this term or could you say it's subjective? I think they way I term self-love and what I consider loving one self to be, can be very different to how someone else may think or feel it to be. Though what I do know is there is just not ONE way of attaining this level of freedom- to love oneself. To accept and embrace the good AND the bads of one self. By embracing the flaws of an individual I mean still working on bettering one's character and noticing that these are flaws and a part of me and something I can either better in or accept. That's why were all so different because we go through different paths of life, experiences and learn new lesson which shapes us in to the characters and people we are.

What I do want to get out there though is self-love isn't what you see in these cliche movies where they get dumped by a guy and they're all like 'omg now is the time to focus on me.' They start doing activities they wouldn't usually do but would have love to have done such as, mountain climbing or something extreme or taking art classes and all of that. I mean yeah a bit of that does come to play but there is so much more to it. And yes I was one of those girls who would watch movies like this and be like yaaa that's how ya do it girls! *cries* Bridget Jones I love ya but cmonnnn! Self-love is GROWING, you're growing to be the better version of you and this is something that will carry on for the rest of your life. It's learning more about you and what's best for you. It's a journey a never ending one but I will always say enjoy every bit of it and really feel how you're feeling- like feel the emotions you're intuition and listen to what you mind, body and heart has to say.

Love overall is a notion that I think till this day majority have not figured out but self-love is something that is right in front of us. Maybe complicated as f*** but if we really feel and listen to ourselves we're on the right tracks. If we don't give the right type of love to ourselves then how on earth are we eligible to give this to someone else. They say what you give out is what you get in return which yes I do believe. But also what you're feeling about yourself is what you attract to yourself and in return you project back to the world. Which all in the end creates this vicious cycle that keeps on going round and round.

So be your Unapologetic self, embrace those amazing qualities you do have and don't sell yourself short as they would say. Stop apologising for who you are and what you would like to be. As for those flaws accept and work around it find YOUR way. Learn to flourish and be better you everyday. Remind yourself that you were placed on this earth for a reason and that's up to you to decide what that reason is. Learn to love you and when it's right you'll be able to project back the same love around you.

Modestmira x


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Modestly vacating

If you're an avid follower of my Instagram you would know I made trip to lovely Marrakech- Morocco recently. What we didn't note down when booking our trip in August is that the weather was at it peak reaching near enough 40 degrees. I mean I'm not complaining, now sat in gloomy, cold and rainy Manchester makes me wish I could take myself back to the scorching 40 degrees- yes please! Where it doesn't require me wearing more than one layer and thick hoodies and jumpers *cries*.

Though as a modest wearer keeping yourself cool in such type weather can be proven quite difficult. So I thought I would note down some outfit tips to put together if you're like me and can struggle a little.


Crop top- Zara/ Body top- New Look/ Jeans- Missguided/ Bag- Colette by Colette Hayman/ Earrings- Asos

I did find a lot of good finds in Zara to be honest that seemed very cool and airy and modest on the other hand. One of which was this embroidered crop top, I thought could bring some character to a simple outfit and is considered very thin layering. You could throw it on top of a white top/t-shirt which I did in the images or even a white buttoned down shirt. I paired this with a pair of wide leg jeans, you would think denim really?! But in fact because they are quite loose the jeans were very cooling.


Culottes- Zara/ Top- Zara/ Sandals- Aldo/ Bag- Strathberry/ Earrings- Mango

Again another find from Zara, and a little deceiving I must say! When I originally picked this up I thought it was a skirt until I tried it on and it had two leg sections. Though it was one of the best items I had with me in the scorching 40 degrees! It was so flowy and airy and felt much cooler than I thought. It also makes any outfit look classy and quite the statement piece, so not much styling would be required. Simply throw on a blouse or a top and you're on your way to a great look! I put together this animal print blouse (I found in the Zara sale for £5.99) and these nude aldo sandals with silver detailing to go with the pleated culottes. To bring a little more pop of colour I added this beautiful mustard coloured Strathberry bag.


Blouse- Jigsaw/ Jeans- Gap/ Bag- Strathberry

It's always a good idea to add a printed or colourful shirt or blouse in your suitcase. Just so you can add it to pair of jeans or a pair of smart/casual trousers.


T-shirt- Monki/ Skirt- Urban Outfitters/ Bag- Asos/ Sandals- H&M/ Earrings- Mango

The simplest piece to dress has got to be floral skirts, they don't require much pairing up to do besides a t-shirt or top. You just let the skirt do all the talking! This one in particular I loved because of the deep red colour and thought it was just perfect for Morocco. Adding these orange rectangle shaped earrings (Mango) to the mix just added a subtle pop and bought all types of vibrance!


Dress- NA-KD Fashion/ Body top- Missguided/ Sandals- Aldo

Dress- H&M/ Blouse- H&M/ Sandals- Public Desire

Dress- Zara/ Scarf- Brother&Sister biz./ Bag- Asos

Safe to say this is a no brainer especially for us modest wearers! The fact is though how difficult is it to find to right length maxi or midi dress which doesn't require us to wear anything underneath it?! It's bladdy hard!
Though I found this lovely white sheer maxi from N-akd Fashion and loved it as soon as I caught eyes on it. Even though it being sheer you'd think it would be difficult to cover, but I just wore a pair of white leggings underneath and a nude body top and happy days!
Another find was in H&M, there were actually two brown dresses I fell in love with when trying them on but opted for this one. Reason being is I felt I could dress more with it and felt it leaned more towards my style. Oh how I am wishing I just bought them both *cries*. Though this dress is slightly towards the midi side and has straps so would require wearing a t-shirt underneath or body top. In this case I also came across this cream sheer floral blouse in H&M too. I just thought it's perfect for summer and would compliment the dress so well. In which it did! This combination of the dress and blouse kept me very cool and surprisingly didn't break sweat wearing it, in the scorching 40 degrees lol! To add some colour to slightly darker tones I paired the dress with these lovely yellow tie up sandals (Public Desire).

I also have a little vlog of what I got up to in Morocco below, so give it a watch guys and I hope you like it!



Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Why Vegan?!

The most common question asked when you hit them with the 'Oh I don't eat meat, I am vegan.' It either goes two ways- the immense shock that strikes their faces which follows 'Oh my god why? What made you want to be Vegan?! I could never give up my chicken' or the inquisitive look which follows 'Oh really, that's interesting.. do you feel like it's made a difference?'. I am going to be honest I prefer the second question lol!

But I am getting ahead of myself here and let's rewind a little on why I made this "drastic decision" (as some may think). There are quite a few reasons why I made the decision but the biggest one of all was due to health. In my family health conditions have been a major topic, with my dad having Multiple sclerosis (MS), my mum being diagnosed with breast cancer (she has now got the all clear) and myself with Lupus. Though like any human you question 'why?' Why is it we're struck with such illnesses, to be honest when my mum was hit with the news of breast cancer that was the last straw for me and my family. We have never been a big fan of western medicine again due to past experiences etc so we started doing our own research on how how we can battle this horrible disease. Everywhere we searched and read up on it all pointed us to herbal medicines but also the VEGAN diet. So further dwelling into the research of veganism and hearing other individuals with similar stories, and how they turned to the vegan diet which to some degree cured them. We all then knew what the next steps were to take.

Our research did stem from the documentaries which you can find on netflix called 'What the health' and 'Cowspiracy'. I really do recommend anyone to watch this as it really does open your eyes to a lot of hidden issues within the food, dairy and meat industry.
Though one of the many disturbing things I found from research was that Cancer and meat had a direct link- experts concluded that "50 gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increases risk of colorectal cancer by 18%..' What was even more scary is that studies and WHO (World Health Organization) found meat contained compounds called 'CARCINOGENS', which are grouped in the same category as; tobacco, asbestos, pesticides etc.. Which can also cause cancer. Research also concluded that 'Countries with a higher intake of fat, especially fat from animal products, such as meat and dairy products, have a higher incidence of breast cancer..' (Find more here). 

But such foods were not only directly linked to Cancer but other health conditions such as Diabetes type 1 and 2, Obesity, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and the list goes on. The further I was going into the reasons why not to eat meat and dairy products the more off putting it was getting. There was just so much to it such as agriculture, environmental issues, animal cruelty and AGAIN the list could go on. To be honest after all of this I just felt the surroundings around me was just going round and round. Altogether I thought meat and dairy products are in such high demand due to consumers like us...what type of person am I to be contributing to these factors?! 

They say 'you are what you eat' and quite frankly I believe that- we actually don't know what we're consuming and putting into our bodies. Animals are being mistreated inhumanely and injected with all sorts of crap that we are then buying and putting into our own bodies. (find out more here). 

Therefore I was looking at a lifestyle not so much a diet but a way of life which didn't involve engrossing in such acts. That's when everything started pointing towards veganism. As much as I have incorporated this in my diet I do plan to incorporate it other aspects of my life such as fashion, beauty and overall lifestyle. 
When choosing to make this decision me and my family didn't just go straight into it we slowly started integrating it into our way of life. We completely cut off meat and became vegetarians for like a month and then slowly moved onto completely cutting off from dairy related products too. 

However, when making this commitment we also made the decision for there to be health benefits to our choice. Meaning reducing or eradicating any health conditions we may be dealing with- such as myself who has lupus, I will take certain vitamins and supplements which has incredibly made a difference. My mum also, we all went vegan when finding out my mum had Cancer. I kid you not when my mum started a plan where she would intake ginger shots, turmeric supplements and raw juices on a daily basis- her tumour started shrinking (this without western medicine). My mum did still go ahead with a Mastectomy but all praises to God she has the all clear. 

I could go on further with all of what I found and reasons for Veganism and by no means am I saying I am perfect because I am vegan. I'm still on a journey of learning and trying to better myself but I just wanted to make others aware of what truly is going on out there. I really do encourage to not just read what I have written I actually want you to go out there and research this yourself. This being more of a start off point and I have left some links of articles on this post so give it a read. There is actually so much I have left out but I didn't want this post to be overwinding.

I do hope this has helped you or anyone and you find it of some interest! Please do leave your thoughts below or on Instagram which you can pretty much catch me on most of the time!

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