Monday, 11 March 2019

5 day style diary

Hey loves!

I know I have really let you down with the weekly 'Style with Mira' series, like horribly. I really do apologise. Though I thought it would be cool to document my outfits through out the week, and I am going to tell you it's not all so glam. However, very realistic as majority of the time I do work from home, so comfort is always my go to with this! It will also give a little insight in to what I get up to in the week- this week was very quiet. I am definitely going to repeat this little style documentation when I have a much more lively week!

I have also linked items below for each day, so you can have a little browse and shop!


Surprisingly my Monday wasn't so blue in comparison to my usual Monday antics. It was very productive and refreshing and really felt I was ready to kick ass for the events of this week. However, what was feeling blue was my outfit of the day, kicking ass in some double denim. Last week I was invited to the 'Happy Go Denim' NEXT event, which was all things denim related. I instantly fell in love with their denim Utility jacket that was on display and they kindly gifted it to me. What I loved about the utility jacket was the tie waist, which gives off a lovely defined shape to the outfit once tied.

Pairing the jacket with a some blue denims and cream converse. Adding a little of colour with a pink under top- which peaks through slightly and a this lovely pink/red tote bag. Very practical but still gives off those chic city vibes, the cheeky peak of pink also welcomes those spring pastel colours.

I was off for brunch this morning after a little outfit shoot, we headed to Federal (by the way they do the best vegan brownies!). Had a little browse around in town hitting some vinyl record stores in Northern Quarter and headed back home to catch up on some emails and editing.


Spending my Tuesday at home catching up on emails, content planning and writing up a few posts. I always love to have at least one day in the week where I can just sit at home and get some work done.  It lets me unwind and well gives me that rest day. I also have a dentist appointment, if you're an avid watcher of my Instagram you will know I have been having some trouble with my wisdom tooth. WELL, it has been killing like a mother**%$£ and is in fact infected. But slowly it's getting better and I am now able to eat, talk and laugh with out it feeling like somebody has kicked me right in the jaw!
When working from home I can be a compete utter sloth and it reflects on my productivity so I've started to dress as if I am actually at work. Although I still love to be pretty comfy and casual, I'll always opt for a pair of comfortable pants or in this case jeans and a jumper. Oh yeah depending on the weather, majority of the time I'm freezing my ass off so ill wear around 3-4 layers!

So in love with this jumper that I got hold of in H&M, pale yellow is one of the colours for spring this year. This slowly incorporating the colours into my wardrobe and such a versatile piece, which gives a bold and chic vibe.


It says it all in the above...errands! Popping into town to get a few errands done, a little grocery shop included. Being Vegan I can only get hold of particular things in certain stores, I came across this little organic place just opposite the Arndale. It was really cold and of course Manchester was encountering it's usual rainy weather. So threw on my beige warm cosy turtleneck, with a pair of tartan/check trousers, cream converse and my tan coloured ted coat. Warm and practical but still looking very put together, the trousers really added some character to the laid back outfit too.

Also a little detail with some layered necklaces, small hoop earrings and an overside clip- which is really on trend right now.

Ending my little errand trip with some brunch with my bestie whilst she's on her lunch break. More exciting news though I found my wee little self featured in the latest March/April issue of HELLO fashion monthly!!


Another day just catching up on admin, planning, writing up posts and editing. It has been a lot more calmer than usual in terms of work aspects. So this week it is mainly myself working from home. I like to switch around rooms in the house when working so this time round I've opted to work in the living room on the sofa. The slight distraction of the TV and my cat isn't really helping but like I said it has been a lot quieter than usual *cheeky smile*.
Dressing extremely casual with a pair of Nike jogging bottoms and a black champion hoodie. I am planning to do some yoga later on today also, hence the more sports type clothing.


Date night with the Madre (mother), this time round we're off to the cinemas to watch 'Glass'. After a few hours of some admin and creating some content, we took off.

As usual going for a very casual look, I don't know about you but I like to wear the comfiest clothes when heading off to the cinemas. I just don't like to be restricted when watching a film and well just able to slouch around (best way possible) in their uncomfortable chairs ha!
So I decided to pair these khaki trousers with a tan coloured roll neck and a brown check shirt over. Completing the outfit with a pair of Nike air forces and a small black box bag.


Sunday, 17 February 2019


I thought I would do a little update on my skincare routine, it’s been a minute since I have posted a skin-care related post. Most definitely due an update and boy I can't wait to get into it and show you what I have been using lately!

I am super excited to be sharing with you the Clarins new skin care range for younger skin called My Clarins that is VEGAN FRIENDLY (plant-based ingredients)Now I have been on the hunt for a good skin care range which is vegan friendly and when trying out their products I was extremely impressed.

The My Clarins range includes nine day and night products which are infused with 88% natural ingredients.  These ingredients incorporate fruits, floral waters, and plant extracts which increases hydration, balance and detoxify. What I love most about this whole range is the concept behind it, that no matter your lifestyle, your nature and skin type there is something in here that will enhance your confidence and the way your skin should feel!
All products are paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free and vegan friendly with packaging made from sustainable recycled material.

Skincare is something I have always prioritised from a young age. I have always found skin to be a reflection of how you are feeling at that moment and time. It's time you take out from your busy schedule to just pamper yourself and take care of you! Skin overall is what makes you, you!


My skin in general is quite clear but quite sensitive and around the area of combination skin, with an oily t-zone making an appearance now and then. I do get the odd occasion when my skin will be inflamed due to my health condition Lupus. Like everyone else I will also get the odd pimple or an area where it will be quite "spotty". I have also experienced this winter DRY PATCHES!! I mean my skin over the years has always remained hydrated so I was a little disheartened when I would get up in the morning and see flaky skin.

Though, reminding myself that it's completely normal and was definitely due to environmental factors. I was definitely a lot more stressed within this period and was feeling a little unwell and low. Also working from home I am not required to go out as often, only for yoga classes, meetings, shoots and I sometimes like a change of environment and work in a coffee shop. As for make-up, my everyday wear is very little and I would say in general I will wear make up 3-4 times a week the most. I can get a little lazy with make-up and just don't bother at times- again completely up to how my mood is that day! It's just nice to have the cold air whack your bare face now and then you know? (Lame excuse for my laziness).

Though I must note my skin care regime I take very seriously, I follow it quite religiously because I always think your skin is so important. I NEVER sleep with make up on- that's like a no no in my guide. I will always cleanse and moisturise my face in the morning and every night before I go to sleep.

But that's me and my skin in a nutshell and I must say the My Clarins new plant-based skin care range came at just the perfect time!

RE-MOVE Micellar Cleansing milk

Now this has got to be my all-time favourite product from the whole range! It consists of 
89% natural ingredients and enriched with micelles, super-hydrating fig extract and Moringa. I use this on a daily basis as a facial cleanser. Removing all impurities and any other uncleanliness in the morning and at night to remove make-up if worn that day or just in general every night before I sleep. It's has such a refreshing and calm feeling after use and truly does feel like milk on the skin. I am in absolute awe with this product and one of my holy grails! I love using it before applying make-up it gives a much smoother application for make-up.

*Tip: I always use this to cleanse my face before I sleep and when I awake in the morning even if I am not wearing any make up that day or not planning too. It's good to always remove any impurities on your skin from the whole day.  

RE-MOVE purifying cleansing gel

Composed of 91% natural ingredients such as; Moringacoconut watermeadow sweet extracts and orange flower water. I will use this at least once a week when I feel like my skin is looking quite dull and majority of the times the night before I have a shoot. I feel it brightens and lifts my skin giving me a lovely glow the next morning. I will normally wash my face with water so it's damp and then gently rub in circular motions the cleansing gel, which will then transform into a soft light-weight lather. Removing all traces of pollutants, dirt and dead skin cells.
I really love this it gives such a nice finish and makes your skin look squeaky clean and soft like a pillow! hmm..

RE-BOOST day cream- Dry & sensitive skin

Another favourite of mine is the re-boost day cream which includes 95% natural ingredients. Along with Goji berry extractfig extractacerola seed extractTamarind fruit acids, and Shea butter. First things first, I absolutely love the smell when applying it to my skin. It has such a fruity, sweet and soft scent to it. Leaving a very soft, smooth and rejuvenated complexion, it feels completely lightweight. As if you have nothing on your skin but you can instantly see a difference once you apply it. Giving you a nice radiant glow and not to mention the texture of the cream is very similar to that of whipped cream believe it or not! I know right whipped cream?! It’s very hard not to give it a taste.
Mainly using this in the morning to start my day, really does give off a refreshed feeling. Especially when you know you have a busy day ahead full of meetings, shoots and emails to get through!

*Tip: Always moisturise the skin- morning and night! It's so important to keep the skin moisturised through out the day and whilst sleeping. 

PORE-LESS Blur and Matte stick

A magical eraser this is considered, consisting of strawberry true fruit and Chrysin. It’s definitely great as a primer and every so often when my oily t-zone likes to make an appearance, I will pop this on. I will only really use this before applying make-up, so it can last a little longer and reduces visibility of pores and problem areas.

CLEAR-OUT target gel 

To give yourself that flawless look that every girl is trying to attain (though no matter your nature, you're flawless either way) the clear-out gel is your call. Containing meadowsweet extractSalicylic acid and purslane extract. This applied directly to blemishes and redness it will instantly reduce the appearance, giving a more refreshed and soothed finish. I find it works on my skin and great for when I have meetings or events and the redness is seeping through my make-up. I will apply this beforehand and it gives a much clearer look, I think of it as a spot cream. Definitely makes you feel that more confident and less worrying about those unnecessary pimples, that always love to show you up when you have something big planned right?! It's one of the most annoying things ever waking up to an enormous pimple that would like to be the plus one to your event! *cries*

RE-FRESH beauty mist

A great way to keep your skin looking hydrated and refreshed is using this beauty mist. Embodied with 90% natural ingredients incorporating fig extractacerola seed extractRobina flower water and coconut water. I will spray this all over the face in the morning after moisturising to increase brightness, and really makes the skin look awake. What I absolutely love about this face mist is, it's not sticky at all! Which I found with other face mists and really deterred me from using them again. It also leaves a soft, fresh and rosy complexion. Even great for when make-up is applied keeps the make up in place and restored or if I need a quick spritz to hydrate the skin for when I'm in a rush or off to a yoga class.

RE-CHARGE sleep mask

Containing 93% natural ingredients such as; Huang qi extract, fig extract, and acerola seed extract. Ideally I will use this around 2-3 times a night it definitely keeps the skin moisturised and replenished, leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft and supple. When I am feeling a little stressed and low I will pop this on as a hydrating face mask with the rest of my skin care routine before I sleep. It does make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

In all honesty I have seen a difference with my skin since using the Clarins new range, but not only just seen, I have felt a difference too! It's made me feel a lot more confident to leave my house bare face and get on with my daily tasks. It has also reduced breakouts with my skin and definitely increased hydration and a much clearer and cleaner skin. It has been so easy to incorporate the products into my daily routine and most importantly increased self-care and giving myself more time to do so. I feel we all tend to forget to do this, as individuals we always seem to be busy busy and forgetting that physically we’re tired but it can also show on your skin too! Stressed, busy, socially out there or love staying at home or just simply chilling you name whatever you are or do,
The My Clarins range has something for everyone.

Love Modestmira



Friday, 15 February 2019

what's on mind

I am going to try my best to not wander off topic and more importantly to not have this post all over the place. Though the title is a clear depiction of what this post is all about and right now my mind is taking all sorts of directions.. ever felt like that? Stupid question? Okkk lets just awkwardly move on...

Over the years I have always made this promise to myself that I will learn something new each day, with that comes bettering yourself as a person. I feel when you focus primarily on this then you feel the urge to do the same for those around you- because it's a cycle. It's sort of under the notion that 'what you give to yourself you project outwardly.' I think I have spoken about this previously and I really do believe this.

Though the last few weeks it hasn't really been going to plan, in that I feel my brain isn't so stimulated, maybe this could be due to my days being so repetitive. I know silly because my job isn't the normal 9-5 and I always states this, I am forever grateful for the position I am in. Sometimes being locked away at home from time to time and creating content, you sort of loose touch of the outside world. Lack of motivation and inspiration and it can sometimes irritate me. Though in the process of it all I have really love to spend time with myself too, to have really got to know me. If you had asked me anything remotely related to the fact of being alone and loving it- you would most certainly get a negative response. But now I LOVE the idea of it- it's home.

Though being self-employed can be a little tricky and when your career requires you to be creative on the go, it just simply can't happen. Creativity is a form of expression and not every day your mind can express certain things- there's always a limit.
That's what I love about what I do because even though how I was saying before that I am struggling to learn a new thing each day. My job teaches me something about myself everyday.
I think in this world it's good to be curious to be aware of everything around you. There is ALWAYS something new to teach yourself.

So.. slightly going off topic here but sort of relevant. The other day I was having a girly moment, trying to put an outfit together but silently saying "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!". I started rummaging through my draws throwing all the shit I did have on to the floor. In the corner of my eye I could just see the pile of clothes waiting for me to turn around and pretty much scream at me Bish what don't you have?!

Yes. I have so much shit.

Like that's it I was just storing all these amazing pieces of clothing I had, saving it for a rainy day or merely forgetting the fact I had it in my draws in the first place. To do what?! To not be worn?? Just doesn't make sense. Yet the next day I will run in to Topshop buy a load of stuff which is so not f*cking needed?!

When really we should be teaching ourselves to rewear pieces, to revisit our wardrobe and wear pieces 5-6 times or more!! This whole consumerist idea of 'oh its not in trend so chuck it away or shove it to the bottom of your draw and forget it exists' to go buy the "new in" thing is so unhealthy. To the mind and financially!

This excessive overbuying is causing such disruptions to our planet, due to the production of these 'lovely pieces' we only wear once. Its actually crazy how much the fashion industry has an effect on our environment but also to ourselves.

The reason for why I had this obsessive need to buy a new piece of clothing once every week wasn't to be in trend (maybe a little).  It was an addiction, it felt so good from the experience to shopping and buying the item to wearing the new item- knowing it was new, fresh and unseen. Especially if I was feeling low I would hit the stores and just buy unnecessary shit.


I would then later on hate myself for doing it but it was just this vicious cycle I couldn't control. You don't even recognise your behaviour either. Now I am all for retail therapy don't get me wrong! Just as long as it doesn't become an obsession then its fine.

This is how the whole consumerist idea is becoming, this whole fast fashion I don't agree with. Clothing and the pieces that you have should be timeless, to be worn over the years not just for a week. It should speak memories and experiences you have been through when wearing these pieces. Quality over quantity.

After realising my uncontrollable and shameless habit of overbuying, I went on a spending ban and started a revisiting wardrobe challenge. Finding pieces in my wardrobe and thinking of more than one way to style it up.

That's what true fashion is all about having a few favourite pieces and getting creative. Showing different ways to style that one piece making it look like an entirely new outfit altogether. 

I am also in the midst of looking into sustainability and how my little self can contribute to helping the planet and can really just boil down to me controlling my unnecessary habits. I think once I have fully done my research I may just write up a post on that?
Would that be of interest? 

All in all trying to piece the post together that part of growing is to always acquire knowledge, to want to learn and expand your mind. To evolve as a person and to improve as a character. So this little overbuying habit I surpassed is leading me to the path to hopefully overcome these habits to improve the environment around me also. To research and expand knowledge in this particular area.

Growing in knowledge is key. 



*Photographer- Sophia Carey 
Instagram- @Sophiajcarey


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