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The weekly diary of Mira 03/05/2020 - 09/05/2020

It has been a while since I jotted pen to paper and really spewed out every emotions under the sun in a diary. Remember those things back in your temperamental and hormonal teenage years, when it's not you but the world that bloody sucks. In order to get those wild emotions out was to scribble and scrap every word and sentiment you were feeling; starting off with the famous 'Dear diary" in your well-kept, super undercover, bright pink hardback diary that evidently shouts 'DO NOT OPEN OR PAY THE CONSEQUENCE!!". Though, one day mum is conveniently hoovering your room and 'What's that?' your diary pages flying high and low ready for mum to pry into.

Whew! It has most certainly been a while, not to mention those were definitely the days.

Well, this isn't quite like that rather this is a more of an assembled account. Allowing you all to openly pry into what I get up to on a weekly basis, sharing all things style, food, skincare, beauty, little think pieces related.

Without further a do... 'Dear diary...'

Sunday 3rd May 2020

Sunday self-care 

Well established in the title above, today was a day where much needed TLC was required. Ditching the bed for a short period of time as I have been increasingly lazy the last couple of days. Must I mention fasting has changed routine and mood swings (oops!). Therefore, rise and shine isn't on the agenda for 8am anymore but rather lucky to get a rise at 12pm altogether.
In order to get myself back on the uplifting train and boost my mood levels, I decided to shower up using my favourite hair products and power through a gentle skincare regime.

Currently, the beloved hair products that manages to maintain this uncontrollable lion mane (type 2c-3a hair) are Christophe Robin 'Cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt' and 'Hair oil with lavender'. I recently purchased these products with a Denman hair brush and already seen massive improvements! Before showering up I left in the hair oil in my hair for an hour and a half (though does suggest leaving in overnight too), when washing I used the scrub to really get at my scalp. Struggling with a very dry scalp this is where I have seen improvements and reduced flakiness. Using the trick to dry my hair with a t-shirt rather a towel is a winner, I then went in to comb the hair through with the Denamn brush and when damp carefully applying the Shea Moisture 'Strengthen and restore leave in conditioner'. WA-LAH! NEW HAIR NEW ME.

An added bonus to the Christophe Robin products, they are vegan.  

Whilst my hair was wrapped in the t-shirt, I went in with my skin care. The last few weeks my skin has been irritated and heavily breaking out painfully depicting the 'Whack a mole pounder games', you hammer a spot down and another pops right back up.

Today, I treated myself to a very good scrub and a relaxing face mask to soothe all the worries away. First, I went in with the Body Shop 'Seaweed pore cleansing exfoliator' and shortly after their 'Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask'. Already I have a seen an incredible difference to my skin and I have been sticking to these products once-twice a week. After washing it all off I applied a generous amount of the Body Shop 'Aloe soothing night cream'. I have been using this for years and will never look back.

*Again vegan

After some tender loving care that was tremendously needed leaving me refreshed and rejuvenated.

For some bizarre and unfathomable reason I decided to do a well demanded clothes clean out. I have been doing this every two months and really helps to feel decluttered and reorganised. Clearing out clothes I know longer value or wear and pass on to others who will make more use out of it.
Of course, I shortly regretted the timing of making such a drastic decision but got there in the end!

Revving towards that simplistic life until my eyes appeal on another piece I think would look remarkable in my wardrobe (I NEED HELP!).

Iftaar a couple hours away and my turn to make din din, deciding on 'Pulled jackfruit burgers' with it in enormous demand by the family and not because the buns were creeping towards their sell by date.
I was utterly knackered by this point.

Once we have eaten and prayed me and mum decided to watch our daily episode of 'Vicar of Dibley' if you haven't given this a watch its utterly hilarious! A little bit of time to get away and relax.
Of course when finished, back to prayers and ready for another day in the horizon.

Monday 4th May 2020

Mood Monday

When is Monday not so blue and gloomy? Can't really say that about the weather today though, surprisingly rays of sunshine- a delight! Recently, I made the decision that even if we are in lockdown currently I should still make use of the clothes I have sitting idly in my draws. Why not dress the part whilst typing away emails and blog posts (ahem).
Shockingly, I was quite eager to start my day today so I quite literally shot out of bed (again little exaggeration) and got myself ready for the day ahead. Dressing the part today with these Topshop beige trousers (that was kindly gifted when working with them the last year or so) and this lovely striped sweater I purchased I think last year at H&M.

All dressed and ready for the part, setting up a little corner on the couch with my laptop and diary and whizzed through some emails, jotting down ideas and writing up a couple of pieces.

Only until mum dragged me out for a little car journey to the Asian shops ha! Which I think was needed, my introverted self is easily sucked into the confinements of ones home.

Once home I decided to carry out a little homeware browsing and purchased a few prints from the Desenio store. In need of an urgent update especially with spending so much time at home now, I thought why not? Though the hunt for a few plants is still on way, finding the right plants is as difficult to keep them alive! Or am I on my own with that one? In all honesty, with my 'keeping my plants alive badge of honour' I've had the same plant in my room thriving for the past 3-4 years, only now its on it's way out sadly. Even more so, I named the plant after my little sister so she wasn't very pleased to hear its a goner (oops!).

Okay enough plant badgering, it has come to the time of iftaar and boy oh boy am I hungry. You know when your stomach begins having a full blown conversation with you, letting you know the ins and outs.
In high demand by myself and possibly no one else (always the case) mum made vegetable biriyani with boondi raita. Of course all vegan and wait wait mouth is watering from just speaking about it. You get the drift it was having seconds or thirds worthy (I promise I stopped at seconds).

Left to give the kitchen a good clean up (again always the case what do we need brothers for ay?) mum and I did our routine 'Vicar of Dibley' episode. Including, bringing out the Oatley chocolate fudge ice cream tub. Warning: mouth watering dribble may occur.

After our fill it was time to pray Isha and ready for the new day to commence.

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Tiresome Tuesday

Opting more towards the laid back and lazy day today. Not feeling so great last night I decided to give the fasting a break as I could feel my lupus flaring. Hitting the same old spot in the corner of the couch, catching up on some emails and reading. Before doing so decided to give a little TLC to my skin by exfoliating the whole body in the shower with the lovely Body Shop 'MANGO exfoliating sugar body scrub' always leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth. Then once showered up, cleaning the face with my holy grail Emma Hardie 'Morning cleansing balm' and Body Shop 'Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser'. Using these for a few years now and always find they brighten up the skin and leave it feeling polished. Final touches being the Body Shop 'Aloe night cream'.

Currently reading the Paulo Coelho 'Like the floating River', which is a compilation of small stories the author has experienced himself or has come upon in his travels. Though each story told has a little meaning or important context behind which I really love and gets you thinking.

Dressing accordingly to how I feel, I kept it very casual and loungewear appropriate. Pastels are an all time favourite right now and with the recent glorious weather we have been lucky to receive in the UK, I'm drawn even more so.

Patchwork shirt- Topshop (gifted)
Top- Weekday (ASOS)
Joggers- Missguided (ASOS)
Socks- ASOS
Glasses- Glasses Direct

After a few hours of winding down, playing with Pablo (or should I say annoying him with kisses and cuddle whilst he snoozes away) it was time to get in the kitchen and cook something up.
A few days ago, popping into the the supermarket I came across this plant based/vegan section which had a variety of things to experiment with. Picking up a few bits and bobs to give a try, one of which was this 'Vegan Basil Pesto', seemed quite straightforward and perfect for those lazy days, luckily which was today! Making it a little more creamy I added a carton of 'Oatley creamy oat', giving a very beautiful texture. However, I would suggest adding a little more seasoning, garlic and ginger when using the Vegan Basil Pesto.

As the day came to a close, our routine of watching an episode of 'Vicar of Dibley' commenced and ending the night with prayers.

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Wednesdays we wear whatever we want

Feeling much brighter and pragmatic than yesterday, decided to be a little more constrictive with my day and shoot some content. Conveniently, a mirror I had ordered a few days ago had just arrived and thought it was ideal to give a test drive.
Assessing its ability to be Instagram worthy I thought give it a run on this fun casual outfit I put together, I must admit its most certainly ticks the Instagram worthy checkbox.

Hat- Topshop (gifted)
T-shirt- Neon Rose (ASOS)
Shirt- Weekday
Jeans- Topshop (MOM jeans old)
Trainers- Converse
Earrings- Daisy Jewellery

An outfit done and dusted in the confinements of ones home and a good funky mirror, I thought why not change up and see what I find along our walk today. Keeping to the current situation of social distancing, it was overdue for mum and me to go for our midday stroll catch up on some fresh air and exercise.
An extremely strange time we live in where freedom for the outside world and simple fresh air admiring nature is a luxury. 

Scarf- Velvascarves
Earrings- John Lewis (gifted)
Blazer- Asos
Crop Top- Asos
Jeans- Topshop (gifted)
Trainers- Nike
Bag- Gucci Vintage

With some fresh air in our lungs now and feeling increasingly refreshed when returning home. It was time to catch up with friends and the hubby over FaceTime. Hubby and I always FaceTime through out the day, keeping each other in check on what's been going on through our days. However, isolation has really dawn on myself and reaching out to friends and close ones is just that difficult. Every other day getting comfortable in my own presence, the feel to just be alone creeps up on me. Socialising encloses on me and the thought of it drowns my thoughts in anxiety, the need for it is none. Trying to get myself out of this dreadful habit, I push myself once or twice a week to call my loved ones and check in on them.

It's reached that time of the day, 'FOOOD GLORIOUS FOOOOD' mum's turn to cook up a delight. Another pasta dish for the menu today, mum's own recipe pepper macaroni.

You know how the rest falls...

Thursday 7th May 2020

Thunder Thursday

The thing is there isn't a thunder in sight. Last night making the commitment to switch rooms had come to life. For a while now, pacing on the idea to move out of mine and my sisters room into my own. My own room being, mine and the hubby's foremost but also the fact that this soon to be our room is a storage room that needs more than just a makeover. I most definitely have my work cut out but it looks like one hell of a ride!

The day being spent switching, throwing, cleaning, clearing and whole bunch of other tiresome words. Getting there in the end and only you know just taking up the whole day, the switch had been made and the redecorating to initiate.

Friday 8th May 2020

Fruitful Friday

Ready to get my hands dirty today and get started on mine and hubby's soon to be room in mums house. This only being a temporary solution as we navigate our way to find our own place to live. Currently, back and forth from my mums and hubby's home, I thought it was only conventional to have our own room.

Getting through a few emails late morning and catching up on a few bits and bobs.
Making a trip to B&Q which was a very atypical outing (such abnormal times we live in) grabbing and ticking everything off the list that was needed for this whole room makeover.

Little sis and I got started on painting the walls when arriving home, no time wasted by the looks of it ha! Managing to complete the first coat of paint, already accomplishing a more brightened and polished room. 'Surprising what a lick go paint can do ay?' something my dad would always say to me when decorating, making me relive those moments.
Planning to go for a second coat, little sis started complaining about a blister, well that idea was truly and well out for tonight. SUCK IT UP LITTLE SIS!

Anyways, it had reached that time of the day for dinner. By this point I was entirely and utterly knackered, however mum wasn't feeling too great and it was on me to savour the night. Rustling up a few veggies in a frying pan with seasoning and whacking it in a wrap with cucumber and sauce. The job was a good'n.

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