Tuesday, 10 November 2015

In with the new

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Hey beautiful people! 

After a bit of convincing with myself I decided to create a blog! I thought this would be the perfect time for me to create something like this and start something new, something DIFFERENT! So do bare with me as this is all new to me! I will be posting all sorts of material such as travel experiences (I love photography), fashion, beauty, FOOD! (no doubt about that! I love my food), and I'm just a young girl rambling on with what is going through her mind. 

So let me introduce myself first, I'm a young girl, early twenties and has decided to take a gap year after graduating. I wanted to explore the possibilities and see what is out there in this crazy world! I am a little shy, however I am always smiling and laughing and I give my all to those I love. Some may consider me a push over but as the saying goes I do 'wear my heart on my sleeves', and well I would not change that about myself. Though I am going to keep my life a little mystery as I don't want to expose too much as there would be no enjoyment in that! I will let you into my ordinary world with a little twist of weirdness. I will post about almost EVERYTHING! Depending on my mood at that moment of time of course! I hope you enjoy my world of WONDERS and WEIRDNESS!

Love ModestMira


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