Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Portugal- Costa da Caparica

Hey beautiful bloggers!

So I had just completed my final year at University with many difficulties and overcoming many obstacles that came my way... And let me just say I was stressed out to the max! So as a little relaxing break I booked a short holiday to Portugal, Costa da Caprica (oooo la la). Even though our flight was delayed for 4 hours and we ended up getting on the plane at 1am. It was totally worth it! Yes we were completely knackered but as soon as we stepped out of our hotel, in clear sight there was the open white sandy beach with it's crystal clear blue sea. Oh my it was beautiful and sooo... relaxing. If you haven't already noticed I am a beach girl, I love my BEACHEEEES! But that alone was enough for me. I could sit on the beach of the little island Costa da Caparica, and just soak in the hot sun with sand between my toes, listening to the waves of the ocean drifting in and out whilst reading my book... peacefully. Though I do like to venture out too ( I can never make up my mind!). We explored the little island and found really cute little shops and markets and places to eat. However the most incredible part of my time in Costa da Caparica was the opportunity to vision the most stunning sunsets whilst on the beach. I have always stated a sunset on a beach was one of my main goals to see in my lifetime, and I got the opportunity to fulfill this! Though Costa da Caparica was breathtakingly beautiful on its own, we wanted to visit Lisbon town centre as it was really recommended by the lady who worked at the hotel.
We ventured out in Lisbon town centre the next day and oh my the buildings and everything about Lisbon was amazingly beautiful (yes you can guess it was photography worthy!). With its colourful traditional roman buildings, gothic cathedrals, stunning architecture, cute little bakery shops, and lisbon's well known source of transport... trams!  But most importantly you could see the separation by sea between the island of Lisbon and Costa da Caparica when you reached Praca do Comercio. After a lot of walking around and exploring many of the popular tourist attractions and little to big shops of Lisbon, I came across Sephora (beauty store) which I was so ecstatic about! Unfortunately going on holiday with your brothers can have its disadvantages, and let's just say they weren't remotely keen about the idea of me spending at least 5 minutes in there. Don't worry Sephora, me and you will meet again!
Overall, I really loved my time in Portugal and the people there were amazingly friendly. I would so recommend visiting Portugal and definitely the little island of Costa da Caparica and its hectic little town Lisbon. Okay... I think I have rambled on enough about my little short trip to Portugal! I really hope you guys liked it! Thank you for reading, if you have made it to the end! But until next time take care and byeeee!

Love ModestMira


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