Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Helloooo beauts!

I thought I would do another food post, though I also have an outfit post for you lovelies too.. so yay some goodies! Last Sunday I went for a meal at Vapiano (Manchester), which is an Italian restaurant. I am going to begin with my dislike for italian restaurants, yeah thats right! I am not so keen on italian restaurants only because of the previous Italian restaurants I have tried out, the food was so bland and just not to my liking if I'm honest. However my friends were really praising this place Vapiano and thought... why not ay?
Upon arriving it was so clean, bright, with lovely interior, they also had a herb garden around the restaurant, and well was just simply stunning.
There was a waiter waiting at the desk to welcome you upon arrival. He handed over a vapiano card for when we had decided to order food. Basically with the card you choose your chosen dish and then register your order at the station, while the chefs prepare your dish. The chefs will make your meal right in front of you from fresh, and if you would like to change the dish to your liking you simply put it forward to the chef and they will prepare it to your wanting. Pretty neat right?

The menu ranged from pasta, risotto, pizza and salad dishes, I chose the Pollo Piccante dish which consisted of chicken breast (halal), orange chilli sauce, pak choi (chinese cabbage) and peppers. We also shared a pizza between the four of us, which was the Barbecue chicken and consisted of; chicken breast, barbecue sauce, red onions, smoked cheese, tomato sauce and mozzarella. When ordering your food at the station you also note to the chef what type of pasta you would like, I chose the tagliatelle, but there is a range to choose from.

As soon as I saw my food I just wanted to tuck in, it looked and smelled amazing. Yes it was full of flavours! FINALLY, italian food with flavour! aha. The pizza and the pasta dish was just delicious and my faith in italian food has actually been restored after this experience! Once we had filled our stomachs with the lovely food, we went downstairs to the tills and handed over the card with our order and you pay up. It's pretty much chilled and easy to follow.. oh and as you're leaving there is a bowl full of gummy bears and yeah grab a few and off you go aha! I would absolutely recommend Vapiano and that definitely will not be my last visit. There is other branches around the UK, and if you do decide to make a trip there let me know of your experience!
Thank you for reading guys and I have another post for you's too!

Love ModestMira


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  1. Hey, random question, but are the gummy bears halal? Never been sure �� Thanks xxx


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