Wednesday, 29 March 2017

City chic vibes

Sooo this outfit details is going to have a bit going on... so let's get started ayyy.

So if you haven't seen the crazy in fashion statement for spring and summer '17 is the wearing a bralette over your shirt/top. And of courseeee I had to try it out and not going to lie, I LOVE IT! So yeah guys it's not all one top it's a plain white oversized buttoned shirt (Zara) with a black frilly crop top (Zara). I matched this with a pair of embroidery slim mom fit jeans (Zara) again embroidery is a big fashion statement for SS/17... like embroidery crazy if you haven't seen.  To be honest I'm not a girly type girl but I quite like the embroidery looks. I then added a leather biker jacket (Mango) to give it a chic look, to be honest it kind of gave off a city girl sort vibe which I was totally digging.
I finished off the outfit with these pair of cute black fluffy strap block heel sandals (LaModa they are so pretty it makes me want to cry!! I may not be able to walk in them completely but ay I'll learn for these babies! Then to really give off that cool chic vibe I added a pair of blush sunnies (Topshop) and this real cute cute pastel pink mini backpack (again from Lamoda).

I absolutely loved everything that was sent from Lamoda it was just cuteness overload! I definitely recommend you lovelies checking them out they have some chic accessories you would love!

I also just wanted to note when taking these pictures it comes across I was totally sassy but I was low key crazy anxious ha! There were quite a few people staring and commenting but I managed to overcome it and do my thing. So again just letting you guys know I too struggle on a daily basis with overcoming anxiousness and self esteem issues, but each day I am just learning to love myself more and more. Just think you're going to be with yourself for the rest of your life, there's no parting it so why not spend time loving parts of you. (I hope that make sense or am I just going off one again ha!)

We got this! We can totally rock and kick ass girlies!

I shall note same if not similar outfit items below, so do have a look around! I hope you enjoyed reading this little post and comment or message if you have anything you would like to ask! I would like to get to know you girlies a lot more and offer any sort of advice or help if I can! :)

Love ModestMira



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