Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Rose Gold

Hey Girlies!

Yes I am back at it again with another outfit post! I also want to talk about something else that I have had in mind to talk about. However, I have always put it off because I just haven't been sure whether I should or should not.. and quite frankly a little scared and nervous too as well.

Firstly OUTFIT DEETS! So alot of you's have asked about the belted rose pink coloured tapered pants, actually I'm not quite sure what the colour is but the best I can describe them is rose pink. Well they're from Topshop! They are super comfy though for those modest wearers when sitting down they do go up a tad too much as you can see from my pictures and yep that's my leggings underneath.. awksss. So do bear that in mind, they can be worn casually or dressed up with a nice pair of court or sandal heels, a cute shirt and a duster coat/jacket. But me being me I dressed this a little casually and matched the trousers with a black turtleneck top (Zara), and a white oversized buttoned down shirt (Topshop). I tucked half in my trousers to give definition to the outfit but also to show off the LAVELY trousers! I then threw on my good ol Vans.
I added a little jewelry to give some character to the outfit such as a Daniel Wellington watch, a rose gold bangle, and some silver rings. Oh not to forget a beige coloured hijab to add a little colour and blended well with the trousers.
I will note the same if not some similar items below so do have a look!

Now to what I've been wanting to talk about for a while, well something you guys don't know about me is last year I was diagnosed with a health condition called 'Lupus' but a mild form. To those that don't know what that is.. well google it! Ha I joke but it's an autoimmune disease which is where the immune system attacks and inflames the healthy cells, organs and tissues and as a result I suffer from symptoms such as severe joint pains and swelling, severe fatigueness, foggy mind and many others. To be honest I'm still figuring out what it is exactly and how I can manage it. Everyday is a new learning curve for my body as well as new lessons to be learnt. The symptom I struggle with is fatigueness and joint pains. But no matter what I won't let it dictate my life now.

So why have I decided to mention it now?

I just want to put out there that this is something I have been battling for a while now and I too have my struggles and if anyone else out there that maybe going through something similar, then don't hesitate to get in contact. I just want to show that no matter what circumstance you may be going through look at the pros of it rather than the cons. Yes I have lupus and it affects little parts of my life but doesn't mean I still can't live my life to the fullest and most importantly I have been blessed with amazing friends and family to support me through this journey. There is always someone better off than you but also someone that is so much worse off than you. If you concentrate more on what is in front of you and what YOU can do rather than what you CAN'T do then I promise your life will just get that little easier but also a key to contentment in oneself. Something else I've learnt is I have to pace myself, so yes it may take me a little longer but there's nothing wrong in that. Baby steps is the best way.

I could talk more about this but I think this is what I am going to leave it at for now. If you are going through something similar then by all means do get in contact I would love to help and talk to you! I am no counsellor, but I just wanted to demonstrate that it may be perceived on my instagram that life is all great but no I'm going through just what everyone else is too!

Remain strong and optimistic!

Love ModestMira



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