Sunday, 9 April 2017

White Out with H&M

I'm going to go straight in there with outfit details! Soooo basically majority of the outfit is from H&M. I am quite liking the collection in H&M, another trend this spring/summer is khaki. I found these lovely khaki/dark green drawstring pants which I fell in love with straight away. They are so lightweight and perfect for summer, they could definitely keep you cool in the heat. I then matched the trousers with a white cropped sweatshirt which I wore a tan coloured top underneath just in case anything showed when I lifted my arms etc (keeping it halal my loves).

Then for this lovely white collarless denim jacket this has got to be my FAVEEE! I got it in a bigger size so it could give a oversized look (I think like a size 12). It has like frays at the bottom of the jacket and top which gave it a more edgy look. This denim jacket though is such a versatile jacket to have and it's so perfect for the summer it just makes anything look summery and pretty *cries*.
If you have me on instagram I also styled this white denim jacket quite differently in another post with a pleated blush pink top and vintage blue Mom denim jeans. Giving off a very chic look, seriously I'm in love and if you love your denim then try white denim you won't go wrong meh love.

Then finishing off the look with a pair of old skoool vans (Of course!) and a nude colour scarf hijab (Of course.. !). This was one of the comfiest outfits I have put together, super appropriate for the warmer days coming too and not compromising your chicness either. I mean you can't go wrong my girlies and all three items from H&M too!

I will link same if not similar items below so have a shop around!

By the way guys if you haven't seen from my instagram my obsession over this show called '13 reasons why' well I'll be shook if you haven't because I would not shut up about it! So sorry for that ha! So basically I finished the whole season and I just couldn't get it out of my mind for a few days. If you don't know what it's about, it's about a young girl who ended her life due to her ongoings in her school. What she does is before she commits this upsetting act she leaves behind tapes of what actually happened to her and the reasons for why she's ending her life. This of course resulting to 13 people being the reason why.
So after watching this it hit me that this happens in reality, there is young individuals mainly, who feel like their alone in this world, or being bullied, or just simply hurting and feel they can't reach out to anyone. As a result they feel they are not worthy to be here or feel they can't receive justice from the situation they are in and as a result end their life and that's what got me.

I know this is a sensitive and deep topic but the whole point of me bringing this up is if anyone feels they can't reach out to anyone or anyway experiencing what I noted above. I am no way a counselor or agony aunt but I'll always be here to listen and help in some way, shape or form. You can simply drop me a direct message on instagram, email, facebook and as always I try to get back to everyone I can.

No one on this earth should ever feel alone or that they can't talk to anyone. We should lift everyone's spirits not bring them down.

More love and no hate.



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