Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Morocco Mini Lookbook


Shirt- Zara/ Top- Asos/ Pants- Zara/ Shoes- Primark/ Bag- Missguided

As you all know for those who follow me on instagram, I made a trip to beautiful Morocco- Marrakech. I am just going to put out there I am still not done with all my pictures from Morocco so I really hope you have not had enough already.

I thought I would do a post on how to stay modest and trendy in a hot climate country. Being a hijabi or modest wearer who needs to cover up in these hot climates, let's be real it's a struggle. Having to stay cool as well as covering up at the same time can be a bit of pain as well as looking trendy. But most of all with the clothing in stores now too, where items of clothing are not so ... shall we say modest friendly. Therefore you have to wear something underneath or over it and it just isn't cool (literally). So I have put together below a little outfit lookbook of my time in Marrakech, which kept me cool and covered but let's not forget got me looking real chic and stylishh, NOW who's egggggciteddddd?!

1. Blush Pink Baby

Crop top- Bershka/ Shirt- H&M/ Pants- Topshop/ Shoes- H&M/ Bag- Lamoda/ Sunglasses- Topshop

These lovely blush cropped wide leg trousers found in Topshop, were matched with a white cotton buttoned shirt (H&M) and pink and turquoise floral satin bralette (Bershka) over the shirt. Finishing the outfit off with a pair of black sandal mules (H&M) and baby pink mini backpack (Lamoda). This outfit altogether was cool, airy and comfortable. As the trousers were quite wide and the shirt being so thin, adding the bralette gave it a edgy look as well as keeping in with the trends. It also gave some shape and definition to the outfit but also some character due to the floral design  (again floral is the in thing this summer!). This outfit being perfect for venturing out exploring the new city you have arrived in to, as I did in Marrakech- Medina!

2. Blue stripes and white all over

Shirt- Zara/ Pants- Zara/ Shoes- H&M

Again this outfit is perfect for when you're being adventurous in the busy bustling city on a hot day, or it could even be worn on a beach with a sun hat, the option is there!
This beautiful blue and white striped blouse with exaggerated sleeves and contrasting belt from Zara paired with flared white culottes (Zara) was the perfect combination and not to mention extremely cool and comfy. Finishing the outfit off with a pair of black mules (H&M) and black fringe bag (Missguided).

3. Blue Pearled Jeans and Satin duster

Duster jacket- H&M/ Cami Vest- H&M/ Jeans- Zara/ Shoes- H&M

This outfit could be worn causally but also for an evening out with a nice pair of black or nude heels. These cute chic pearled boyfriend jeans (Zara) make any outfit look super chic and trendy, definitely a must have. Matched with a white cami vest top (H&M) of course having to wear a white undertop to keep it hijab friendly. To add a bit of layering and colour to this outfit this gorgeous copper tone satin duster jacket gave an elegant touch over the whole look (H&M). It being very thin and lightweight material giving you the layered look but also keeping you feeling cool. Of course this outfit being worn for a day trip, the finished look being a pair of black sandal mules (H&M) and a beige side tote bag.

4. Baby Pink Denim

Denim jacket- Bershka/ Top- Topshop/ Jeans- Missguided/ Vans- Office/ Bag- Lamoda/ Sunglasses- Topshop

This is more of a casual laid back sort of outfit for when you're off to excursions maybe or just literally chilling and having to do a lot of walking. Pink denim is totally the new thing right now, denim and pink you just can't go wrong with this, THE perfect combination!! This oversized ripped pink denim jacket (Bershka) paired with a cute black slogan tee 'cute but psycho' (Topshop) and a pair of frayed Mom jeans (Missguided) just such a chic look. Add a pair of Vans, a cool pair of pink sunglasses (Topshop) and a mini backpack you are literally on the way to straight damn coolness with this look.

5. Silk Kimono Dress

Dress- Zara/ Top- Missguided/ Shoes- New Look

The lovely floral silk kimono wrap dress from Zara is an instant fall in love sort of dress especially when it's on you. It can be worn for both day and evening occasions, but on this occasion it was worn for an evening out. Put together with a nude coloured under top (Missguided), black leggings and nude heels (New Look). You really don't have to do much with this dress as you want the dress to do all the talking with its beautiful floral prints and colours.

6. Red Flare

Top- Bershka/ Jeans- Missguided/ Shoes- Primark/ Scarf- Inayah

You really can't get unnoticed in this beautiful red pleated top with flared gathered sleeves from Bershka. Red is quite in trend and definitely on the agenda if you're planning a trip away. Dressing this casually, matched with a pair of frayed jeans (Missguided) and these lovely nude/beige suede mule sandals from Primark (would you believe!), this outfit so perfect for a casual meal out or if you're just roaming around the busy city of Marrakech. The lovely top is such a versatile item and can make any outfit POP!

Hope this Morocco mini lookbook offer some sort of help to those of you who are planning a trip away. I have another posts on the travel section of my website on things to do in Morocco- Marrakech so give that a check and I hope that offers some great guidance!

But for now see you my loves!




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  4. i really liked this post .thank you for the great words about my country and its people .i have been working in Morocco tourism for 15 year now and most of the people go with a smile and full of memories.


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