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How to be a lady in red- The colour you don't want to miss out on

If you haven't guessed already, especially for those of you who follow me on Instagram my favourite colour this season has got to be RED. You're probably thinking 'wow red like you have got to be some brave ol' woman to be pulling off such a colour'. But that really isn't the case. Red is so in this season and I really don't think it will be going anywhere soon. I feel every woman should have at least one item of red in her wardrobe to pull out for that special occasion, and to show who is in charge.

Now the iconic red has had so many moments in fashion and it may seem daring and quite frankly a little terrifying to try out, but that's what fashion is all about, to experiment and be fun with it! Even though the colour red may not simply be a choice you would think to wear, it is definitely a colour that shows boldness, fierceness, rebelliousness and definitely a woman who is boss. There are many ways to wear the colour and once I have demonstrated that, you will not want to give this striking colour a miss. Believe me the possibilities of owning this colour is endless.

1. Red Hot Blazer

Blazer- Zara/ Jeans- Zara/ Top- Asos/ Heels- Asos/ Bag- Missguided

This red blazer you honestly can not go wrong with, blazers being the trendiest item on the market right now too. It is originally part of a suit, with matching red pants making it a set, from Zara. If you're thinking it's too much colour to wear with red pants, then you can merely just throw on a pair of slim fit jeans, a white plain top or t-shirt underneath and a pair of sneakers. Making the blazer a statement piece. You could swap the sneakers for a pair of nude heels and add a pair statement earrings, if you plan to wear for an evening out. (Shop the look below)

2. Street Style Red 

Hoody- Urban Oufitters/ Pants- Missy Empire/ Trainers- Adidas

Red and street style go hand in hand. As street style is quite urban, bold and edgy and that is literally the definition of red. Especially with the wide leg striped pants, majority of these having red stripes going down the side of them. Pairing these with a cropped hoody (does not necessarily have to be red) or a body suit with a puffa jacket over or even a leather jacket will give that fierce but ' I didn't make that much effort' look.  (Shop the look below)

Sweatshirt- JustHype/ Jeans- Topshop/ Shirt- H&M/ Trainers- Adidas

Or you could go for that smart casual look making the bold red sweatshirt the eye catching piece. Combined with a pair of mom jeans, a white collared shirt underneath and white sneakers. This still keeping it casual but not to daunting to try out, as there is enough red to make a statement. (Shop the look below)

3. A Hint of Red

Denim Jacket- Topshop/ Top- Missy Empire/ Jeans- Topshop/ Trainers- Converse

Duster Jacket- Lola May/ Top- Missy Empire/ Jeans- Missguided/ Trainers- Adidas/ Earrings- Asos

Duster Jacket- Asos/ Top- Zara/ Pants- Zara/ Trainers- Vans

And if that is all still quite terrifying to try out then you could ease your way into the fierce world of red, by purely just hinting that courageous colour in your dress sense. Simply with a bold statement t-shirt, or a red plain top, a red bag or even red shoes/ sneakers. Keeping the rest of the outfit minimal with either all black or just a pair of blue washed jeans and a black denim jacket or a duster jacket over. 

Now you should be on your merry way to be part of the lady in red clan. Go on girl strut your striking and fearless self and show who is boss!


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  1. you pull off red like it's nobodys business girl <3

    Michaela |


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