Wednesday, 17 January 2018

strip back

I have always been fascinated with black and white photography, I feel you can capture and see the true essence of the mood and emotions in that very moment of when the photo was taken. Whenever I would come across campaigns in magazines, or artwork in exhibitions that were captured in black and white, it would captivate me. There was a sense of mysteriousness and having to really look at the model's emotions and facial expression or her body language in the image. As there isn't anything else to be distracted from but that and no colour really gets you wondering what that current situation was like for that individual.

So when I decided to do this shoot I really wanted to strip back not just the colour but my usual fancy backgrounds, makeup and to keep my outfits as simple as possible. I really wanted you guys to feel and see the emotions at that current time. How tired, low and awkward I was feeling- which is okay. I really wanted you to see me on my low days not just on the days where I'm feeling great. I wanted to STRIP BACK- to the other side of me, and to demonstrate that it's okay to be comfortable with who we are in all states. Highs or lows it doesn't matter that's parcel of life. Simplicity is just as beautiful.

I did come across some cool artists that focussed on black and white photography which I got some inspiration from such as; Herb Ritts, Francesca Woodman and Yousuf karsh.


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