Monday, 2 July 2018

Note to self- No matter what always be grateful

So this post won't be the usual let's talk fashion sort of post. Though this topic is something I have always wanted to write on as I feel it's something we all seem to forget about. Especially in this day and age where everyone's life is blasted on social media or well what they want you to see. We analyse other people's life on the internet and think 'Oh wow why can't I be doing that?' or 'I wish I could get that..' etc. Yet we forget to see the what's right in front of us and how truly blessed we are already! You may not be the richest, the smartest, the funniest, the prettiest and the list can go on but believe it or not if someone could see what you did have they'd be wishing they had it too. It's human nature but also we need to learn to be grateful for the little or big things we already have in life.

Something I have learnt over time is things, people, money, you name it, comes and goes. We need to live for now the present- be thankful for what we have right NOW. This sort of mindset has really helped me over the years and I'll be honest, it's still something I am working on as I do tend to forget to live in the now quite often. So this is just as much as reminder for myself too.

So before writing up this post I thought it would be a great idea to actually share with you guys a few things I am grateful for. I feel this technique is something everyone should do before they start their day. I mean I've been through some dark times in my life and I never knew how to go about it and how to drag myself out of the pit hole until I started reading self improvement books (and of course my faith).
My brothers always use to suggest I should take up reading self improvement books and I would always brush it off. Until one day I decided to pick one up called 'How to win friends and influence people' from my brothers room, I sat there and was thinking okay let's just give it a go. Now they are my favourite genre to read! One of the biggest mentions in these books that I have read is to always show GRATITUDE. Gratitude is one of the best characteristic a person can have! Even if your right now isn't looks so great, showing gratitude for the little things you have going on in this time just shows how strong of a person you are.

Something I always say life is full of balance with bad times comes good and with good times comes bad. That's balance of nature and testament of character. 


Now I know this is your typical thing to say when someone asks what you're grateful for, but in all honesty my family and friends have been an absolute rock to me. The people I have surrounding me have been my backbone. No matter what I'll forever be thankful for being blessed with the mother I have- my literal role model. My siblings even though they can be annoying little shits, my biggest supporters no matter how crazy my ideas are. My bestie Zainab if you follow me on insta she's the chick forever in my insta story- known this girl for over 10 years. People say you find soul mates in your partners but I honestly believe you can find your soulmate in your best friend. We've been through thick and thin together and I couldn't/wouldn't ask for a better person to go through all the goods and bads with. A one in a million she is! I also have so many other close friends that I am truly blessed to have around me and couldn't be more thankful for!


As much as my condition Lupus use to get me down especially around the time I was diagnosed. I am thankful for the fact I am able to still walk, talk, hear, see, touch etc.. As others may not be so fortunate. I still have the ability to follow through with my aspirations and goals and fight for what I want. Not that having any sort of disability or impairment would give you any less of chance to achieve this too, but we should still be grateful for having that extra ability and strength to go for this. Having my father who is battling the disease MS and has now fallen bedbound and unable to do the littlest of things. It has made me realise that time is a precious thing and most importantly it can go just with the click of a finger- this being your health too.


Over time I have had some really difficult times and I have also had some amazing moments in life so far. However bad it has gotten for myself, till this day I would never want to change it. The most difficult times is what has truly made me the person I am today, making me stronger, wiser and has bettered my character. I considered such times as lessons/challenges, something to go through and learn from. If that lesson was to reach me again I know how to handle the situation with knowledge and experience. No matter how hard it can get I KNOW it won't stay like this forever and it is only here to better me and the people around me. People enter in and out of your life for the same reason to better you and themselves in some way. When I look back there are certain people that have left my life and have never looked back, I would always think why would they do such a thing. Feeling some sort of self-blame or self-pity when in fact they just weren't right for my NOW in life. They didn't fit any part of my present and future and maybe I didn't fit in there's and that's life. The people who are truly meant to stay will grow with you. So I'm forever grateful for the lessons I have learnt so far and the ones that are to come- it's part of growth. 


Living in a western part of the world gives us such an advantage to the endless amount of opportunities out there for us. With the use of technology these days too- even though it has its downfall if considered in a more positive light it's such an advantage given to this day and age. We're able to express ourselves in another form and be heard. Not that I wanted this to be a comparison thing but part of gratitude is realising that we should be thankful for what's in front of us as there are others in the world who are less fortunate. Who won't be given the opportunities we do whether that be in a work environment, access to gain knowledge to guide us such as books, ability to read and write, access to food and water, to increase wealth, to follow goals, ability to travel and the list could go on. So I am truly grateful for the ample of opportunities out there for me to go and grab. 

There are so many things to show gratitude towards but I would be here all day, but the aim of this post is to get you thinking of what you're truly grateful for in you life. And if you're going through a rough patch right now just sit down grab yourself a pen and paper and think about what's truly a blessing to you right NOW. Honestly you'll be surprised at how long the list can get and what's actually right in front of you. One other thing I am grateful for and I really wouldn't be in the position I am in right now are all of YOU! You guys have really been such an amazing support base and couldn't have asked for a better bunch of supporters! Thank you so much and I really hope you all stick around to see the rest of my journey.

Love Modestmira



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