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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Jewellery Staples - favourite brands

Jewels or jewellery have always been a sign of adornment, such delicate and beautiful creations to beautify oneself with. I have always had an admiration for the the little gems, especially earrings. I find they complete an outfit or make a perfect gift. There is so much more to jewellery than we think. 

I know speaking from my own stance, I have jewellery that I will simply wear everyday because it holds value or sentiments to me. However, I have a collection that I simply wear for special occasions. That's the thing with them, they hold more than just an added thing to an outfit, jewellery holds meaning, a special place in ones heart.  

Therefore its important to grab yourself that ever lasting set of jewels, the worst thing after finding the perfect piece is later down the line it begins to fade into that vomit green. I am sure we have all been through that distraught feeling of 'eurgh now I've got to chuck it away?!"

There is so much fun to have when styling certain jewellery pieces, you can never have enough of stacking and layering to really elevate a look. Although I feel I still have a long way to go with my jewellery collection, a girl has got to share her staples and favourites in the bling game. 


Great place to shop if you're into stack and load, layering those necklaces to really upgrade ones look.



Is a danish brand that caters to making you feel beautiful in their unique pieces. 


Daisy London have the best dainty pieces to add to your collection. If you're also a little stuck on where to begin your luxury jewellery collection this would be the best place to start. 


Known for it's classic and staple pieces, you also have the option to build your own charm bracelets with their large variety of stylish charms. I also find Pandora to be the ideal gift for another. 



Mejuri is all about fine jewellery for those every day moments. 



Perfect styles, shapes and sizes for those ear jewels, if you love to adorn your little ears this is the right place to head. 


Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Worldly Attachments- a more simple way of living

March has been an extremely overwhelming and busy month to say the least. Finally making the big move and uprooting to Birmingham to be with my husband has finally been achieved. Through the rigourous moments of packing, saying my good byes and making the transitions. It has taught a few lessons that will be carried through out time. 

Let's be completely honest with ourselves and ask 'Who loves to pack?'. Now living in a much smaller space I have had to make the conscious decision of minimising the amount I truly need to own. Folding away what is actually memories, experiences and special moments in storage bags or the resale/charity pile. It was without doubt incredibly difficult throwing out sentimental pieces (ending with most being kept) and making the decision to move on without some of my favourites. 

So why do we hold such attachments to worldly things? I am not a materialistic individual, nevertheless I hold great value towards sentimental pieces. Holding on to pieces that remind me of my happiest moments shouldn't be such a crime should it? 

Whilst clearing and deciding what's to stay and what's to go, I ended up stumbling down a nostalgic tunnel; the dress I wore to mine and hubby first date, crumpled up receipts scrunched in the corners of small bags, old blouses carrying make up stains from hugging my dear ones, stuffed tissues and loose change found in coat pockets from endless nose sniffling and rushing around, stitches undone and questionable marks found on jeans worn during some amazing adventures. Clearly pieces you can't simply just throw away and not come back to. Sat idly in my wardrobe as little souvenirs to my most favourite moments in life. 

Gathering massive amounts of clothes isn't warrant and definitely not advisable when downsizing. Picking up the courage to make such decisions, even if holding sentimental greatness. The motto was if I hadn't worn it in the last six months or I couldn't picture myself wearing it at all, it was thrown in the 'no go' pile. 

In all honesty, as the pile of clothes reduced the levels of stress, anxiety and mind clutter decreased with it. 

Which reminded me of a book I was reading a few months ago but didn't quite finish; 'Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect life.' By Beth Kempton. The perfectly imperfect life full of simpleness. To free the mind of clutter and unnecessary belongings and to only fill your mind and self with what's required. 

What we own and the belongings we carry around with us extends further to our own mental and physical being, meaning the less the better. Further illustrating that what we have ownership over extends to our soul and character. Therefore, to live a simple life is a much freer life.  

This ideology really struck a cord with me as I have always experienced this whenever clearing out and with this being one of my biggest clear outs it struck even deeper.  

Yes, I kept a few sentimental pieces of clothes and homeware. I also let go of many bits that didn't require my love anymore and had the chance to be given to someone else who could. Clearing out and packing is never so easy. Though, it's made me recognise that I need to be more conscious of what to keep and what to let go. In order to lead a life much more lighter and minimal.

Clutching dearly to unnecessary attachments can be an unhealthy obsession, with a mind set that holding onto them for sake of it will bring us back to that very moment in life. When we all know a creased silk shirt is no time travel portal that can whizz us back to the past. 

What is more crucial is our sense of self, to feel free and not be bogged down by the weight of such avoidable bonds. 

Life shouldn't feel so heavy, it should feel free and liberating. Personally, I plan to attain a lifestyle which incorporates the fundamentals of Wabi Sabi, to appreciate the simple things in life. To live and let go and hold on to recollections through other means. Instead of hoarding an inessential amount of objects to lug around with me that take up needed space. 

I still have a long way to go to achieve such goals, it will definitely be a daily thought, a habit and a way of life. 

I choose the road of simpleness. 


Wednesday, 10 February 2021

The greatest love story

February, the month of love. The month where people scatter into different catergories; the 'I love this month and going to spend it with my partner', the 'I don't need no man, I got my girls' (galentines), the 'Ew corny month' and the 'What? What month is it?'. Whichever category you fall into this year or have been in the last couple of years, I want to ask you a serious question? 

When do you ever take time out in this "love" month for you? Or any month for that matter? 

Yep that's right, hardly. 

We all appreciate, show affection and have love for our dear ones but what about the love we have for ourselves? I am not against the idea of being completely infatuated with my partner especially during valentines and showing him how much I cherish him. I have always been a hopeless romantic at heart and super grateful I can now be that with my husband (big time love for ya baby!). However, love shouldn't be contained into one department, mainly considered the romanticised love most strive for. It doesn't just stop at the love you have for your partner, parents, siblings, family and close friends either. 

In fact it begins with you. 

Love comes in all forms, shapes and sizes.

The love we have for our minds, body and soul is just as important as the love we show for others. There is not one way to love, love can be shown in so many variations of course in a positive and healthy light only. Appreciating and admiring every little thing about you. Whether that's flaws and imperfections, it's truly accepting those parts of you and riding with it or finding a way to better it. Not to say it's easy, it's probably the most challenging part of living to accept every single part of you (good or bad) and run with it. To welcome the imperfect and rewire your brain to adore and endorse it. It's definitely something I have struggled with, physical and non physical. 

Love has never been an easy journey. People write about it, sing about it, film movies on it and it's never as simple as that. Though, everyone can always resonate with it because one way or another everyone has a story to tell when it comes to love. Whether that's love for another or love for yourself. 

The greatest love story is the the love story you write with yourself.

The love story we write for ourselves is a ceaseless story or journey we continue to compose. It's an endless love. It's never easy to write and entails many paths of scribbling outs, confusion, self-loathing, twists and turns but in the end it's always you that comes out stronger, confident and most liberated. It's you that learns and grows as you pursue yourself. Mastering the many forms of love towards yourself such as; kindness, appreciation, gratitude, patience, understanding, communication and listening. 

Truly listening to what your heart, mind and soul requires. 

After all you can write multiple novels on the unconditional and undivided love you have for your  soul mate, mother, best friend or whoever that person may be. But the most greatest love story you'll ever write is the love story you write with yourself. Why?

There will never be another you, there is only one unique story that can be told when it comes to the love you have for you. 


Wednesday, 20 January 2021

The simple things

More than ever, especially the times we are living right now, we come to really appreciate the little things in life. Something so simple as the ability to get up and wash your face with warm water; to go downstairs and make yourself a hot cup of tea to warm yourself up for the day; to cuddle up to a love one whilst watching a movie whilst feeling safe and at peace. It's little things like this we come to appreciate and to not reside in the thoughts of what we don't have. 

Life is almost at a standstill point right now, for myself anyways. The hustle and bustle we were once so consumed in, isn't so much a thing in these current climate. Just stillness and silence. 

Can you feel that? 

Can you hear that?

Can you see that? 

Feeling every emotion, thought, sensation in this very present moment. That's exactly what it is, it has forced us to appreciate the very present moment, the here and the now. A thought we don't so much like to entertain because we are so busy busy and on the go. Keeping busy to sidetrack ourselves so we don't have to deal with certain things that pass through our forever mind. An escape. Escaping is of course worthwhile but can we afford to be escaping endlessly? 

Well if not for a perpetual solution, I am sure a temporary diversion will do no harm and more good if anything. Leading to a day me and the family decided upon a trip to our local beach to get away and breathe in fresh air. A brisk, frosty, blue sky, wintery afternoon; with our boots covered in sand, our coats tightly wrapped keeping us warm, the sun gleaming on our face, the brisk wind hitting us from all directions, a view of the sea before us leading to the unknown, all nothing but nature surrounding us. 

Perfect stillness. 

Serenity at it's finest. Complete and utter silence, hearing your own breath as you take in the cold air around you. A endless escapism may not be the answer but to getaway for a few hours and surround yourself in nature is a beautiful temporary fix. Completely simple yet so beneficial and practical. To find yourself in natures brace and fill your mind with peace and calmness, appreciating headspace from all the unnecessary mind chatter. Stripping yourself away and realising that Mother Nature always has your back. 

It's the plain, undemanding and simple things like this we come to appreciate in the end. 


Friday, 8 January 2021

York & The New Year

December 2020, was different to say the least. Well that could be said for the whole year, a weird time to be alive. Running up to the festive period, everything felt so uncertain and doubtful. Almost living everyday with unease and just wishing for straight answer rules, none of this here or there and broken promises. 

Although, the uncertainty December had given us, there was a couple of things for me and the hubby to celebrate upon. This month being our first year anniversary as well as the hubby's birthday. Yes that's right the hubby was given the crème de la crème of all presents, me! Jokes aside a gift for the both of us. 

Spending the actual day with us both grabbing a vegan breakfast and roaming around town, the most given the circumstances. It was simple and yet beautiful. However, I had no idea the hubby was plotting a little UK getaway all along and a week later we find ourselves in York. 

I must say this about many places I visit but York during the festive period is most enchanting and magical. As though you're stepping on to a movie set and into another remarkable realm. The most interesting was a couple of the cobbled and quirky streets were used for the Harry Potter movies and you can feel that. Every little corner you're caught by surprise and in all honesty we kept extending our stay because we loved it that much. 

The current climate only allowed exploring to a certain extent as most places were closed, though we made the best of what we could. Immersing ourselves in their wonderful little town; with their eccentric named shops, narrow but beautifully lit streets, the smell of fresh pastries as you turn every corner, their history embedded in every architectural sighting, the sound of the church bell every hour as the minister is situated so close by, which has it's own renowned and unique essence. It's a trip to remember and a place to recommend for sure. 

Staying at the Jorvik House sits just at the heart of York and is situated just opposite the St Olave's church, which holds a breathtaking museum garden. Lovely for small strolls, where by you'll come upon ruination of historic monasteries. All of which has it's own beautiful uniqueness about it. I can not fault our stay at the Jorvik House, even when extending our stay a little longer they catered to our every need. Accommodating us with extreme cosy, warm, contemporary and comfortable rooms more or less the feeling you were at home. The only downside to the homey hotel would be the fact they don't offer room service. However, that's okay, that's what deliveroo is for! 

Swiftly moving towards food, food is always the dealbreaker in most circumstances, especially when planning a trip. Add vegan dietary requirements and the current worldly climate were in, leaves your head spinning. I must say York had quite a fair share of vegan dine outs, you definitely won't be missing out and will have somewhere to eat, not to fret! 

Managing to indulge in some lovely meals from Chinese (vegan) to Indian, there was a variety to pick from. 

The Orchid- Chinese (vegan) cuisine 

Taas- Nepalese/ Indian

The Cornish Bakery- Bakery (some delish pastries!)

The Churchill Hotel- This was an absolute dreamy and most magical delight of a night. The hubby surprising me with a date night in their magnificent festive igloo's all to ourselves. It was most certainly romantic and was the best meal we had their throughout our whole stay. Spoiling ourselves with a night of romance, music, pizza, hot chocolate and lovely festive views. Food can easily be ordered through your phone in which the waiter/waitress will knock on to allow yourselves to grab from outside the igloo on a stand. 

York is one for the books, diverting yourself in history, sightseeing, a majestic atmosphere, quirkiness, lovely food places and overall a joy to visit! 

The year might have not gone to plan but most certainly ended on a high note. 

Now to the current, January 2021. I have decided to come into this year with far less expectations. In all honesty 2020 was a complete mess in some aspects which I am still trying to process. Keeping this years goals and achievements very simple, essentially just focussing on keeping head strong and high spirited. Most important, catering towards a healthier living and much healing for myself. 

Progressing towards health, this would be a major factor I'll be anchoring, for those that are aware, end of last year I began a detox. This is something which I will be implementing a lot more of in my lifestyle. Creating a much healthier surrounding internally and externally and getting on the road to better health as I have been struggling far too long. 

Most of my goals are quite similar to my last years as some don't change and mainly things you will like to continue. Visiting a few; reading a book a month, a few work bits (to continue with amazing collaborative opportunities I have been lucky to work on), creating and sharing more on the blog (a post a month), journalling at least every other day, living more simplistically and sustainably (buy less, style more), decluttering more often throughout the year, follow the practice of letting go (in all aspects of life) and to show and feel gratitude every day. 

All in all I want to value the simple things and be more in the present this year. I felt last year I was very much stuck in my own whirlwind of a brain, stressing, contemplating and anxiously seeing the year through. This year the main achievement is to feel every moment and to see each day through rather than stress about the next. To savour and cherish each moment with my loved ones and to relax. 

A stress free and simplistic year ahead, cherishing the small moments and just living by each day presently. 

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