Tuesday, 28 February 2017

My love for pink will never stop


I know I'm so awful at keeping up with my blog posts, but I'll promise to do something about it! I thought I would do a quick outfit posts, on saturday I was given the opportunity to attend the River Island style studio event in Birmingham. However, I will state more about this event in my next post, so stay tuned my lovelies!

As for the outfit, I put together a more casual look for the event as I would be travelling quite a distant so I kind of put comfort first.. ay you got to do what you got to do right! You can still be comfy and stylish girls alright! Don't let them tell you otherwise.

So I paired this gorgeous velvet lace cami vest (H&M) with a white wide sleeve jumper underneath (Topshop)  and a black turtleneck top underneath this too. I felt the wide sleeves on the jumper and the cami vest gave the outfit more of a girly touch. And yes extreme layering but I just love my layering! I then added this satin pink quilted bomber jacket (H&M) as an outerwear, I thought it added a bit colour to the outfit and also pink is the new in colour guyss. I also got it a couple of sizes bigger to give an oversized look, and I think it such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.
I then paired a ripped pair of jeans with extreme fray at the bottom (River Island), I have been after a pair of jeans like this for a while now and I absolutely loved them. They just give that extra character to your outfit. Finishing the outfit off with a pair of good old school vans and there you have it!

So that's that for the outfit deets, but stay opened eye because I will be doing a post on the event with River Island style studio organized by the beautiful Poonam Walid. 

See you there dolls! Also I have linked the same outfit items if not some that are similar below so get clicking!


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