Thursday, 28 June 2018

Bling it out- them go to accessories

Hey guys!

I know it's been a little while since I have posted on here but the truth is I have so much going on right now I just simply haven't had time to create other content. But on another note how lovely has the weather been?! It just instantly puts you in a good mood as soon as you see the sun shining- oh boi I really am a summer girl! Ay catch me in a hot country living my best life one day let me tell ya!

But slightly going off topic as guessed from the title I thought I would share with you my favourite got to accessories. A lovely gal on my instagram actually commented on my picture putting this suggestion forward, but I lost the comment and couldn't seem to find it to reply. So thanks for the idea gurl and here's the blog post you asked for!

Now if I am totally honest a few years back I wasn't so into my accessories and I would wear the minimalist of jewellery I could. I would just find wearing Jewellery more of a nuisance and I would forever just lose them too (irresponsible mira). However over the last year or so I have really been digging all kinds of accessories and believe it or not stacked myself quite a collection. Which I think will continue to grow- whether that's good or not I don't know, but I do try to put all to use! After all it's all in the details!


So first things first if you have been following myself for a while you know how big I have been on earrings. So thought it had to be the first accessory item I touch upon! These days Earrings be coming in all shapes and sizes and tbh the crazier and bigger it is the better! Earrings can really make a difference to an outfit and say for example you're wearing a minimal type outfit, bang on a pair of statement earrings it can bring that wow factor back to the look. Making a statement with your ears- that's the way to go hunny. Though keeping it basic with the your earrings can be a look too, in most cases because the outfit is doing the talking.



Layering is really big right now, but layering your necklaces is even bigger. Simply throwing on 2-3 necklaces with an outfit can really bring the look together. It can make the outfit look fuller and add extra detailing. It's so simple too to purchase as a lot of stores do offer necklace sets, though personally I find separate necklaces and put them together so I can mix it around.


This is something that I'm still venturing in but gold and rose gold bangles are my new muse. They make anything look elegant, girly and classy. Add a watch in there too and you're honestly good to go- there's a reason why they call it arm candy. My go to watch though is this black Cluse gold framed watch that I was gifted last year and it genuinely gives that mature look to all my outfits.


Of course I was going to add handbags in to Accessories favourites- erm I mean what's a girl without her love for bags! Just can't get enough of them! Right now Tote/shopper bags have been a thing for me it's just the most conventional things to have as it fits everything in and keeps you looking trendy.
Though if you're looking for something a bit more classy or girly like, cross bags are a go to. You can get different shaped (circle really in), embroidery, metal ring bucket type bags and really your options are as big as the ocean!
I was kindly gifted a few pieces from Colette by Colette Hayman and my utmost favourite piece was this disco ball looking bag. It brings all types of feels to an outfit; trendy, elegant and versatility. Also the brighter the colour you go with your bag accessories these days the better- you want some pop to an outfit bring out that yellow, green or red bag and believe me you will POP!

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