Thursday, 24 January 2019

SPON| A vegan day out with Intu Trafford Centre

Hey everyone!

Gathering from the title you sort of know where this particular post will be taking you. I was kindly invited by Intu Trafford Centre to experience all things VEGAN. This ranging from beauty to food- yes that's right vegan brownies are on the agenda! If you're a vegan like myself who struggles with that sweet tooth, you really don't want to be missing out on this (or maybe you will skip through and get to that part.. I mean I wouldn't blame you!). However, I would like to state that even though I have gone Vegan, I am still trying my utmost best to incorporate this as a whole lifestyle. Meaning, I am slowly waving through the right fashion and beauty products that are vegan and suit myself.
It's amazing to see how beauty brands are rapidly increasing cruelty free and vegan ethics into their products. This being the reason why I really wanted to get on board with this and show you around Intu Trafford and the variety of vegan and cruelty free choices they have available.

Molton Brown 

I made my first stop in Molton Brown, which by the way I was not aware of the brand being outright cruelty free and vegan. I was so excited to experience a little pampering session with Molton Brown and try out their lovely products. Upon arrival I was greeted by Emma who then directed me towards the massage area where she would be giving me an arm massage to try their new products. Asking what scents I am into, I often tend to be a very fruity and sweet scent type of gal. Therefore, Emma really recommended I should go for the 'Jasmine and Sun Rose' collection with a combination of a ginger scent.

The collection combined consisted of;

Pampering body polisher in "Fiery Pink Pepper' (Exfoliator)
Bath and shower gel in 'Heavenly Gingerly' (Clean the exfoliator off with)
Exquisite bathing oil in 'Jasmine and Sun Rose' (Add to water and then wash the above off with)
Body Lotion in 'Jasmine and Sun Rose' (Massage and lather skin with).

Altogether it was such a beautiful and relaxing encounter, the scents were exactly what I was after. The 'Heavenly Gingerly' shower gel was quite a pungent scent but with the 'Jasmine and Sun Rose' combined it really softened the smell. Though the final results were amazing my arms were feeling softer than ever and the scent was with me for the whole day. Felt like I was on a bed of roses soaking up the smell and when I left never felt so rejuvenated before!

*Just a little side note Molton Brown in the Intu Trafford Centre do little pampering packages which consist of an arm massage and a gift bag. They only take bookings so you must ring up beforehand and make an appointment, they will also give you a lot more details of what the packages consist of.

Anastasia Beverly Hills (Selfridges & Co)

Another brand I was so excited to hear that had vegan and cruelty free products available was ABH! Although I would like to state that not all of ABH products are vegan, however they are working towards the goal of making all products vegan friendly. The lovely make up artist at the counter called Jade, used only the vegan products available to give me a make over. I stuck with a more natural daytime look, focusing more on the brows and complexion. ABH is very big on the eyebrows and has a huge variety of products that solely focusses on this.

Overall I was impressed with how the whole makeover turned out, though I wasn't a huge fan of the concealer as it did start to look a little cakey towards the end of the day. The blusher, bronzer and highlighter I absolutely adored! I was also crushing on the brow stencils, which helps you get those perfect fleeky shaped brows when filling it in.

Haute Dolci

Saving the best to last and what you have most likely been waiting for right?! Those VEGAN BRWONIES! The last and final stop was at Haute Dolci which has recently just opened in Intu Trafford Centre. They cater to those dessert lovers and offer such luxurious and mouthwatering choices. One of which is their Vegan chocolate brownies and goes by the name 'Caramel Kiss'. Tom the head chef really accommodated to our love for brownies, giving us the options to pick our own toppings and sauces. I stuck with the hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. I must say Tom was amazing and I have tried a few vegan brownies and they tend to be quite dry. However, that wasn't the case here, they were soft, moist and chocolate overloaded (just how I like them) and we devoured the whole thing!

Haute Dolci do a good selection of mocktails (non-alcoholic) drinks, which are all vegan friendly too.

Overall it was such a lovely experience and it's great to know that Intu Trafford Centre has a variety of places and products that are vegan friendly! Even though Veganism amongst individuals is on the rise it can still be proven a little difficult to find places to eat or particular products to purchase. I found this to be a wonderful idea and just shows you can spend a whole day in Intu Trafford and it all be vegan friendly!

You can also see all of this in action if you head over to my instagram (@modestmira_) stories!


ModestMira x

*Intu Trafford Centre kindly sponsored this post. 


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Style With Mira- Skirts & Dresses

Hey dolls!

Just want to say a big thank you for your support on my first post for this styling series! I really appreciate the love and I really hope it benefits anyone who maybe finding it a little difficult to style up certain pieces, especially with a modest twist.

This time round I am going to show 5 different ways you can style skirts and dresses. This was another piece that popped up a few times, and I completely understand it can get a little daunting trying new things out with skirts and dresses. I normally stick to midi dresses and skirts which come up to about my ankle. But these tricks can work with shorter and longer lengths too.

However, I just want to point out that through the series it may seem a little repetitive because outfits sort of all interconnect. Which is the beauty of finding your style, it's a great way to rewear pieces in your wardrobe and in return transforming into a new outfit completely!


What I absolutely love about skirts and dresses is that it's so versatile, people assume that they should only be worn in summer. But I think screw that and wear what you want! You could totally switch it up during the winter and throw on a cardigan or oversized chunky jumper, to make it that more winter appropriate. You won't also be freezing your ass off either.

As noted in my previous post I always like to wear a turtle neck/high neck tops as a base layer. Depending on the dress however this may not be needed as it may already have a high neck to it. Or if you don't like the idea of that, you could always throw on an oversized chunky knit jumper that has a cosy turtle neck to it (shown in the image below) over your dress. You could do the same with a skirt, with a skirt it's easier to show a little definition as you can tuck in half of the jumper. Especially if its quite thick and oversized.

If you feel adding an oversized jumper or cardigan over your dress is making you look slightly plump or it's looking a little flat. Which can happen because it can all look quite A-line and shapeless. A belt is your hero, adding this around your waist gives a more defined look. I wouldn't usually use this trick with a skirt. Although if the cardigan or jumper is oversized and covers the waistband of the skirt then I would suggest adding a belt.

A V-Neck jumper is also relatively cute with a skirt, wearing a high neck top underneath giving a little more detail and layers.

If you skirt/dress is patterned I would stick to a plain simplistic jumper/ sweater/ cardigan. When wearing a cardigan I would keep the layer underneath quite simplistic so the skirt/dress can be the centrepiece. Though if the dress/skirt is plain and the cardigan is too, to give a little detail I would go for a patterned top under the cardigan. 


This is not your typical combination if I'm totally honest, but I absolutely love it! It's a mix between streetwear and femininity. It's a simple look to put together and looks so effortless- literally just throw on the hoodie over your dress or skirt. Its super comfy too and to add some detail you can tuck in the hoodie to a skirt or accessories! I like to add a bucket hats, nike/champion socks, layered necklaces, big earrings or a cross bag or waist bags. 

*you can also wear dresses on their own with a waist bag/bumbags, this gives a waistline and switches it up from always wearing a belt. 


Blazers and dresses/ skirts are a no brainer! I think they compliment one another so well, elegant and feminine. I usually stick to more masculine type blazers, I just love the fit of them and I think that's why they fit so perfectly with dresses especially.

Depending on the dress/skirt a base layer being the turtleneck/ high neck top won't be necessary. However for a skirt you can give off either a casual chic vibe with a t-shirt (graphic/detailed) or keep it elegant and classy with a blouse over the base layer.
You can then throw on the blazer, keeping it open or you could simply use a belt around the waist to give shape to the outfit.

*I would wear either heels or trainers for this type of fit, solely on the occasion you decide to rock up to. I would also add a coat as a final layer if it's real chilly out there. Who said you can only wear dresses and skirts in summer ay?! Bish we make our own rules out ereeee!


Sweatshirt are really no different to hoodies- I mean duh what am I saying its pretty much a hoodie but with out the hood lol. So the same really applies from the above.


Now layering plays a big part with dresses and skirts I feel, though dresses can be worn on its own which most of the time they are hence, why they're the easiest thing to put together. It mixes it up when you add some layers in there. So following the above as a final layer a coat would be a nice final touch. What's more you could substitute the blazer for either a leather jacket or denim jacket and then add the coat as a final layer.

As for coats and jackets, if you're wearing a maxi dress or skirt, I would stick to a longer coat as it sort of balances out length wise. Therefore, if you're wearing a shorter/midi dress or skirt you would stick to more of a shorter length jacket/coat.
Again I would recommend trying different outerwear layers and lengths to see what suits your body type. But as a little guide you can follow the above and see if it works.


Both trainers and heels are suitable for skirts and dresses, I most likely stick with high top converses, or Nike Air Force 1. Though when styling dresses/skirts with hoodies and sweatshirts personally I would just stick to trainers. Blazers and knitwear are a little more versatile and you can throw on either trainers, heels, flat and heeled boots.

Overall there is so much playing around and possibilities with dresses and skirts on a whole. They're such versatile, strong statement pieces and can be worn to any occasions whether that be hot, cold, evening wear or casual wear. The possibilities are endless! You just got to be a little creative and try different things that you feel comfortable with and suits you. I feel with fashion there is no right or wrong way just do you girl! Express how you're feeling at that moment.

Hope this was just as helpful as the last and feel free to leave a comment below or send me a message on Instagram (@modestmira_). If there is anything in particular you would like me to style out you know what to do! See you next Thursday with another 'Style With Mira' post. 


ModestMira x



Thursday, 17 January 2019

Style with Mira- Hoodies

Hello dolls!

As promised I stated I would start a styling series on my blog where I will showcase different ways to style a particular piece or item. When I did a little question and answer on Instagram, hoodies was a frequent pop up so thought I would start it off with ya good ol' hoodies! (*Note: my all time favourite item without a doubt). Some outfits may interlink with others but as long as you get an idea of the many ways you can switch it up that's what it's here for.  I have managed to style this item in 6 different ways, so I really hope it benefits anyone out there that may find it difficult to find their place in the hoodie world!


This may seem like an obvious but a lot of people tend to find it a little difficult when pairing hoodies with different style of jeans. Personally this is one of my favourite fits as it's super comfortable and so versatile. It may seem basic but you can add your own little twist into it. So you have various style of jeans I tend to stick with slim straight, wide leg and girlfriend jeans.
Slim straight/ girlfriend jeans is an in-between it's not to tight fitted and not too loose so you have a balance. You can wear either a baggy oversized fit hoodie with these or a cropped hoodie and still look modest too.
Something you should always note I always wear a turtle-neck under my hoodies- it gives extra character as well as keeping the neck covered. You can be quite experimental with the turtleneck too, in terms of colour and the styles you choose.
So if you feel the above is still not for you and you want the jeans to be a little more loose then wide-leg jeans is the one for you my friend. Here I would stick to a more cropped styled hoodie (of course this can still have an oversized look to it.), you will still want a little definition to the outfit. If not you'll just be looking slightly like a potato (I've been there- it's not cuteee), or you could even tuck the hoodie into your jeans.

In terms of denim over all- you can go for the Canadian tuxedo with the double denim vibe and add a denim jacket to the mix. So simple yet so stylishhhh. Ahhh I just love this! *DREAMY*


This isn't your typical way you'll see a hoodie being worn, but it's something I have been trying out recently and I absolutely love it. It brings another edge to the whole look. I would stick with an oversized t-shirt as you know you'd want the t shirt to look like it's part of the hoodie.. you know ;). But yeah this could be paired with a few things; jeans, trousers (I'll explain later on in the trousers section), dresses and skirt. It's just an extra layer really with some added sass.


So you're probably thinking a hoodie with a blazer just don't mix- but gurlll they can mix like peanut butter and jam sandwich (p.s. not really fond of this mix so I'm going to substitute the jam for chocolate). But you know what I mean you wouldn't pair smart with casual but it's a great combo these days.
Sticking to the turtleneck layer as a base, stick on a hoodie (extra layers-extra warmth), with a pair of smart tailored trousers (could even go that extra fancy-like and try patterned), or even jeans for that matter and stick a blazer on top/tailored borj coat.
In terms of footwear you could either throw on a pair of heeled boots or trainers. The boots give a more smart tailored look with some definition, great for a brunch out. Though trainers are more for when you're leaning more towards a casual vibe or required to do a lot of walking and you love your feet and don't want to inflict such pain to them vibe.


We're moving towards the more experimental zone here if I'm totally honest. Not many would feel comfortable with this combination but that's what I am here for! Hoodies over dresses or paired with skirts is quite a trend thing right now. Though I love the whole idea of mixing street wear with a girly aspect, it gives off a feminine but strong perception.
Depending on the type of dress/skirt you're going with, if patterned I would stick to a plain simple hoodie, otherwise they'll be too much going on. If you feel there's no definition to the outfit because the dress and hoodie are both quite baggy/oversized looking I would add a belt around the waistline or belt bag.
Personally with my dresses and skirt I like to make sure the length of them are just a little above my ankle. So that if I do wear high top converse or ankle boots you can see them peep through and give a little more length to the outfit.
Also for the extra definition or height I would go with heeled boots or even heels and throw on a tailored/ borj coat.
I would honestly say play around you'll find your comfort zone with it- even tucking half the hoodie into your skirt gives you a bit of waistline and definition.


My all time favourite thing to do is layer! Especially during these colder times- the more you can get on the better my friend. Hoodies can be fairly easy to layer as you can start off with a high neck body top or turtleneck, a t-shirt/shirt, and then the hoodie. For outerwear you can add a coat, puffer jacket, borj coat or even a blazer first with a smart tailored coat over the blazer. 
As for the underneath t-shirt layer you can really mix this around depending on the hoodie you're wearing. Though you opt for a plain simplistic hoodie switch it up with the tee and go for patterned, stripe, or coloured to add characteristic.
It isn't all about just layering the hoodie either, layering up on the necklaces when wearing the hoodie really gives some persona and detail.


This is why I loveeee hoodies because I feel they are so versatile! There are so many different styles of trousers you could put together with a hoodie for every occasion. Okay maybe not every occasion but if it was socially acceptable to rock up to a wedding with a hoodie on I'd be that girl.

Recently I have been loving cargo pants which is pretty much made to wear with hoodies and is super casual and hits towards the comfort snuggly side of things. *Even though these cargo trousers do hit the crotch area a little too much when I sit down- it's erm not very pleasant.

As noted previously tailored trousers goes perfectly with hoodies, I'm loving tartan trousers right now too and love pairing it together with a hoodie. Patterned trousers can most definitely work.

Wide leg trousers paired with a hoodie equals epitome of true comfort, and they don't necessarily have to be plain. Pinstripe and tartan has been giving off major chic vibes.

Flare kick trousers is another comfort fave of mine, paired with a good oversized hoodie, with a tee underneath and high top converse.

That's all from me for this Thursdays 'Style with Mira'- really hope it's of some benefit and do comment below or give me a message on Instagram if there is anything in particular you'd like to see from myself.

But for now I'll be back with another next Thursday- note every Thursday I'll be uploading a 'Style with Mira' on here.

Take care my lovelies!


Modestmira x



Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Yes it's another year and so?

Undoubtedly 2018 has been one of the weirdest and toughest years for me. That says a lot because the last 4-5 years have been hard to get through. I came across a quote or meme shall I say on insta stating '2018 was a weird year because I was somehow living my best life and worst life at the same time' and that really sums up the year I have had.

Though I want to start this year off with gratitude because no matter how tough this last year has been on me, I'll forever be grateful for the endless opportunities and love I have been given. Its really hard to see what you have right in front of you when your judgment is so cloudy and full of the endless hurdles you have to get through.

Life is full of growth and the honest truth you'll keep growing until the day you die, you'll have good times and bad days until your days are up. Sorry to be so dark but we tend to forget this especially when a new year starts. We're like yes 2019 we're going to do this and we're going to do that- but do that regardless of it being "a new year".
Work on yourself unapologetically and be there for those loved ones around you. Time is literally flying and a second is so precious. Start the year with a positive note of course but also start it with a fight, knowing that you are going to get the shit kicked out of you. However, you're going to stand right back up and kick life's ass. Let's be honest that's probably going to happen to you more than once as well but you get up again and fight back 10 times or 100 times harder.

Embrace your flaws and work on you and evolving into a better version of you. A few years a go I was told by someone that 'your 20's are meant to be your selfish years'. I never understood it, in fact I still don't understand that concept that's a just an excuse to be a selfish twat tbh.
I encourage myself and the people around me like yourselves to work on oneself and to of course put yourself first at times. Though by no means does it mean to be selfish and disregard the loved ones around you. Part of growing and learning to evolve is to grow in compassion, love (with yourself and those around you), kindness, character and your inner peace.
So this ideology that your 20s or to self love or "to find yourself" is to be "selfish" actually boils down to your character and how shitty you are. It's a cycle which all works with one another.

Though this doesn't mean you stick with relationships or people who are negative or toxic to your inner peace and self growth.

Letting go is a very crucial characteristic to build and have. As this just doesn't nail down to the people in your life but can also be applied to careers/jobs, negative habits, certain mindset, health, financial- all aspects of life. It's a way of discipline, knowing that something is not right for you and you have to let that specific thing go in order to get back on track.

This time of year you do hear the same shit over and over again, and my blog post wasn't intended to do that. Yes it's another year but doesn't mean you have to change yourself because oh we have now reached 1st January 2019. No just carry on being you and working on yourself and your loved ones around you. Carry on doing what you planned to do, as life goes on your plans and mindset changes and I hope it's for the better.
I already had goals before this year started and I am still going to try and reach them. I am still that same person but I intend no matter if it's a new year, to grow mentally and physically positively. I'll take the lessons I endured and apply them to whatever is supposed to come my way.

I am not sure if there is a such thing called true happiness, I feel as humans we'll never have enough even when we have fulfilled something that has made us happy. But what I can say is forever be thankful and to always remember that life is full of balance. Some days may be more rainy than others or some may have more sunshine than expected, take each day as it comes and breathe. Live for now and soak it all in.

'Your mind is a powerful thing when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change.' 

That goes without saying be unapologetically you, no matter if it's a new year or what not and here's to a life of just living in the now.


Modestmira x
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