Thursday, 17 May 2018

Argento X Olivia Burton

Hello beauts!

If you keep up to date with my Instagram you would know that last Sunday I visited the Argento store in the Manchester Trafford Centre. I thought I would share with you all my experience visiting Argento and the Olivia Burton range in their store.

Let's first talk a little bit about Argento and what it's all about! Firstly 'Argento' means silver in Italian. The main purpose for this online retailer as well as having 55 shops across the UK, is to make it that easier for individuals like ourselves to shop for jewelry. Selling popular branded jewelry and watches as well as their own all in one place. Such as Ania Haie, Lily and Rose and many more...
One of the popular branded watches and jewelry brand I want to talk about in particular with you guys is the Olivia burton brand!

Olivia Burton is a British accessories brand founded by two best friends Jemma and Lesa. They both met on their first day at London college and exchanged their love and passion for design, and since then this amazing empire arose. Their designs are inspired by the latest catwalk trends and vintage finds, carefully tweaking their designs to perfection and such intricate details.

When visiting the Argento store in Manchester Trafford Centre I was approached with delightful customer service as well a beautiful display of watches and jewelry. The lovely ladies who worked there were so informative and friendly. I had a look around the store and was spoilt for choice with all the brands available. Though what struck me most was the Olivia Burton range with one of the biggest range in Argento and displayed to such perfection.

This watch and bangle had to be my favourite out of the whole collection making a perfect combination and it really complimented my tiny wrist and just looked so snug. 

The Olivia Burton latest collection named 'Time is precious' includes a variety of designs as well intricate details of rose gold, gold and silver. The collection had such lovely variety of pastel colours really giving you the feels of Spring and Summer. When looking at the faces of the new arrivals some featured such beautiful striking designs of watercolours, 3-D bee, 3-D daisy and florals. You could really tell that so much thought and details went into the arrangement of these watches. Giving off such bold, vivid and a well thought out collection which also has a gorgeous set of jewelry to compliment the watches.

I was also kindly gifted an Olivia Burton set which I absolutely adore, noted in my Insta story I proclaimed that the Olivia Burton collection was exclusive to Argento. However, my apologies it is just this particular watch 'Olivia Burton Argento exclusive abstract watch' that is exclusive to Argento. I was also gifted this lovely 'Olivia gold bow bracelet' that complimented the watch so nicely! It would be such a brilliant gift to give to a family member or friend or even better to treat yourself too! I most definitely recommend if you live in Manchester or plan to visit, to visit the Argento store and give the Olivia Burton collection a check too. So have a further peep below of the Abstract Watch with more of a close up of the details. If you have also visited Argento previously or a fan of the Olivia Burton brand let me know your thoughts below or on Instagram. Would love to hear about other people's experiences too!


Love Modestmira

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Ramadan fashion Inspiration with Accessorize

Hey lovelies!

With Ramadan around the corner from us I thought I would put together two looks that you could style out during this blessed month. I had the honour to partner up with Accessorize, to show two ways on styling their lovely scarves and of course the accessories that would be suited best with it! Getting us girls accessorize ready for Ramadan! You can also get hold of the blog post on Accessorize website here where it has all the links to the products in the images below.

The first look I opted more for a casual day look, wrapping this beautiful glitter pleated scarf in pale pink as a half turban. I then matched the scarf with the Penelope frame bag, which I thought went effortlessly with the scarf and could make any outfit pop. Nothing is completed with some statement earrings and these long beaded tassel earrings make a statement alright! Perfect for a casual look but would also look amazing for the evening out for Iftar. 

The second outfit I was leaning more towards an evening look, for when you plan to open your Iftar at a family gathering or restaurant. This time round styling the glitter pleated scarf in white, a little different and for a more elegant touch. Simply just pinning in the middle and flicking over the equalling sides of the scarf over each shoulder. The Eloisa Ditsy embroidered saddle bag just went perfectly with the scarf, and the embroidery details on the bag gave a hint of colour to the whole attire. Going for a subtle vibe with the jewellery I opted more for the gold charm necklace only. To remain that classic and graceful outlook, I felt the bag and scarf should do the talking in the accessories department.

I hope everyone has a blessed Ramadan, a time to reflect on oneself which brings us closer to God. Ramadan to me is a time for reflection but also a time to be closer to God and those that are important to me. I feel a sense of togetherness and community in Ramadan which is one of the best parts of this blessed month. In this day and age that can be lost as we're all always busy or on different schedules. Though in this month that's forgotten as we all break our fasts at the same time and we all wake up for suhoor at the same time. As a community we try to do everything and come together in this month, which can be incredibly beautiful. What would you say is your favourite part of Ramadan or what does it mean to you? I love asking this question because it makes me realize other aspects of Ramadan that may have not come to thought with myself. So it's nice looking at it from another persons perspective. Do let me know your thoughts and I wish you all the best this month dolls! I will be back with a few posts as I have so much planned, so I shall speak to you then!

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